Workflows - Step Three

Workflows - Step Three

Workflows, Step Three: Completion

If your content has been published or rejected you should recieve an email notification. Otherwise, you will be alerted by the notification on your Dashboard and can verify this through your workflow information page.

Watching your notifications

To watch your general notifications either add the widget to your Dashboard or click the badge that appears on your user widget.

  • Click on the notification badge that appears on your user widget on the dashboard. It will show up there when something on the system has happened that pertains to you or your content.
  • Add the notification widget to your dashboard

The notifications panel will give you a heads-up view if your workflow has completed. If you click on the workflow link in your notifications it will give you an option to browse to the workflow


If you click on the workflow to view its information, you can see if other actions have been taken behind the scenes. For instance, you can see if the content has been:
  • Assigned to a specific reviewer

  • Edited by a reviewer