As we gather your questions and issues we will add them to the list below and begin to fill in some quick answers for you!

How do I find:

Editing issues

  • How do I restore previous versions?
  • How do I restore deleted assets?
  • I edited my page, why don't I see my changes on the website?
    • Most likely you haven't submitted and published your page.
    • If you are sure the page is published, try refreshing the page in your browser by holding down the shift key and hitting the refresh button (look for the circular arrow button on your browser tool bar).
  • I keep getting an error beginning with "An error occurred: Could not transform with Script format "_internal/formats/default"...."
  • Can I print out my full page prior to publishing?
    • Printing before publishing will probably not work well, but you can select "Full Page Preview" from the More menu, then print from there.
  • Someone said I have a "locked" page. What is that? How do I find and fix it?
  • I'm editing something and it says it is locked. How do I get it unlocked?
  • I keep adding features, but each one appears on a new row instead of all in a row.
    • Each Feature "content section" can contain up to four feature "items." Use the plus sign next to the "Feature" item, not the one next to the "Content Section" to add new items.

Navigation issues

  • I changed my navigation, why don't I see my changes on the web?
  • Why don't I see my page /document /file /subsite in my navigation?
    • If the menu item refers to a:
      • folder in your site, make sure that the folder has an index page.
      • be sure you have indicated that the page should appear on the navigation.
      • a file reference or an external link, check to be sure that the metadata has indicated that it should appear on the navigation
      • a file, you need to create a reference to that file.
  • I'm on my page, but it isn't highlighted on the navigation!
    • This will happen if you create an external link to an internal page (a page inside your site) and then add that external link to your navigation. To fix this problem, delete the external link and instead, create a reference to the asset.
  • Is there a way to re-order the items on the side bar?


  • Are there timestamps on the CSV file for Form Submissions?
    • While currently we can't offer timestamps in form results, this enhancement could be added in the future.
  • Can Form Submissions be directed to separate email addresses based upon Form Input?
    • No. Logic structures are not available in the form builder.
  • In the Form Results page, what is the Review Date?  What is the Expiration Folder?
    • We do not currently use these options.


  • Can we replace the page banner Image with a slideshow?
  • Can you edit images within a Page?
  • Is there a way to upload multiple images or files at one time? 
    • Yes. You can drag and drop multiple images into the dialogue box or browse to your disk and select multiple items at a time. Be aware that the system will rename any items that do not fit the rules for content names