Editing your home page

Editing your home page

Editing Your Blog's Home Page

Your blog's home page is created for you when you get your blog.  Most of it is generated out of the articles you have published. so you really never add content here except on the sidebar (if you choose to have one)

You can, however, change some of the look and feel of the page. You can choose:

  1. A full-page or two-column layout for the content area
  2. The listing style of the content area lists
  3. The content of the side bar (if you choose the two-column layout)
  4. Which news items appear on the page (this is controlled by settings made on each article or post when you publish it)

The page interface you use looks much the same as any page in Cascade. It offers you a series of form items for you to use to make choices and add text.

 home page form