Site or Subsite Names

Site or Subsite Names

Site or Subsite names

Your site name is what appears in the left hand side of the web page above your navigation. It should be set up for you when you get your new site. However, if you create a sub site you may want to add to that name to indicate a sub section of the larger site. So you might add a department name to a school name if your department is large and complex enough to warrant a subsite.

You can change the site name (not likely you will need to) or sub site name (more likely) by editing the setup block  that appears in the site folder with the name "setup-block." (Never ever try to edit the called "nav2"!). Here's everything you could ever want to know about setup blocks

All sites have one block named "setup-block" in the top folder. You can add new ones to other folders by using the "Add Content" dropdown and choosing "setup-block." There can only be ONE setup block called "setup-block" per folder.

To change or add your subsite name open your setup block, click edit and edit the "Section Title" field. As always save and submit when you are finished.