Categories and Category Listings

Categories and Category Listings

Categories and Listing Pages

Categories in your Cascade blogs usually relate to general topics covered by your blog. They offer you a way to group your articles so that you can list articles together, first, by shared topic and then by publication date. You will use categories in Category Lists in Cascade and, on the sidebar in posts, to associate related articles with the current post.

To Add Blog Categories

Web Services will ask you for an initial list of categories you will need for your blog and will deliver them as part your blog. However, should you need other categories, you may ask through a support ticket submitted at

To Build a Category Listing Page

Category listing pages are built just as any page in Cascade is built. Choose "Category Listing" from the "Add Content" list at the top of you page. Most everything there will be familiar except you will see:

  • A "Category" field where you can click to choose one or many categories to include on the page.
  • A "Listing Style" choice that allows you to choose the appearance of the list.
  • The WYSIWYG text will be an optional intro paragraph for the page.