Contact & Social Media blocks

Contact & Social Media blocks

When you include social media links or contact information in the sidebar of any of your pages, chances are you will want to include that information on more than one page. Cascade allows you to build "content blocks" for these items so that you can store and update that information in one place and yet display it in many places.

Contact Block

Contact blocks are self explanatory. The fields will ask for basic contact information. The "title" field is ignored. The only required field is for the name. So you can find these quickly, save them to the "contacts" folder in your blog site content.

 Social Media Blocks

Social media blocks must have three icons each--no more no less. The asset factory will allow you to choose a type and add a link for each of the three and will allow you to reorder those items.  You can always add more than one block to a sidebar area to accommodate more social media accounts, but always in groups of three.