Pages and Content Types

Pages and Content Types

How pages happen in Cascade

If you have edited web pages before, then you are probably accustomed to having a page “template” (containing a header, banner and navigation) and a "content area" where you add content using a WYSIWYG editor.

The downside of this kind of content is that:

  • You have no control over how content looks on the page.
  • It encourages large swaths of unformatted, un-styled information, which make it difficult for your site visitors to find the information they need.
  • It encourages editors to use bad practices, such as tables, in an attempt position information on the page and break up the page visually. In turn, this kind of thing can affect accessibility and SEO.

Introducing styled, modular content

Your new SOM templates work differently. Replacing the old content area are modular chunks of styled content that can be added and reordered on your pages. At SOM you have the following content types you can include on your pages: