Submitting & Publishing

Submitting & Publishing

Saving, submitting and publishing assets

Saving and submitting your content

Remember, when you:

  • SAVE any asset you have only saved it for yourself. No one else can see it.
  • SUBMIT your content it is available to you and your coworkers, but not yet available to the world.
  • HOWEVER, our Cascade CMS is set up to automatically publish your submitted content every week early on Monday morning. You can control this process by adjusting your publication date or unpublishing your content.

Saving your work (drafts in Cascade)

Cascade automatically will create and save a draft when you open an asset for editing. Also, when you click "Save" after editing Cascade will save those changes to your draft and close the editing window.

Saving does not:

  • Publish your work to the web site so the world can see it
  • Make your draft available to others in Cascade.

When you reopen an asset that has an unsubmitted draft, Cascade will warn you that you have a draft and offer to let you view it, reopen it or discard it:

Submitting your work/draft

After you have saved a draft, Cascade will immediately remind you that you should submit it. When you click "Submit" it will then:

  • Auto fill the Revision comment area and allow you to add your own comment
  • Offer you the chance to run checks for broken links and spelling errors on the page

If you opt to run tests on your page, Cascade will step you through so that you can fix the issues before submitting your page. You can step through the tests using the "next" and "back" button at the top of the report area.

Once the asset has been submitted, it will be available for others in your group to see and will be queued for automatic publication unless you withhold it from publication.

Publishing Content to the Web

Once you have added and submitted a new asset or edited an old one, your changes need to be published to the live web site so the world can see them. After you have submitted your content, you can

  • Publish it immediately,
  • Let Cascade automatically publish on the next Monday
  • Make many edits to files and pages within Cascade CMS and then publish whole directories.

To publish a single page

First make sure you have submitted your draft. You can tell if the asset has been submitted by looking at the top of the page. If you see buttons for “Submit” and “Discard Draft” you will need to choose “Submit” first to clear your draft.

You can also choose to discard your draft using the button, or just compare your draft to what is currently published by clicking the word "Draft" in the upper left hand corner.

If you have just submitted your draft, Cascade offers you a means to publish from your page simply by clicking the “Publish them” link in the notification window. 


If you want to publish a page you submitted a while ago, you should use the “Publish” button at the top of the screen.

While on the page you should click the Publish button once it is ready to go live.

To publish a whole folder

If you have recently changed your navigation, you will need to publish all files that were affected by that change. You can publish the whole site or folders of content inside it. If you want to publish your whole site, select the top folder in your site content tree and click the Publish button. If you want to publish a single folder, navigate to it in your site content tree and select Publish.

Checking your published work on the live site

You can view the change on the live server after publishing by clicking the "More" button and selecting the "Live" option from the dropdown.

Checking the publishing queue to see if your asset is waiting

If you just published something and want to be sure your publish request has cleared (is live) click the "check publish queue" link that appears after you have published. If someone else has also published recently or a large number of pages have been submitted, you will see yours waiting, but often it has published immediately and you won't see it listed.


CAUTION: While you can set a publication date for a page or a form, you cannot do that for a folder or other asset. All navigational changes and changes to folders will be published automatically on the next Monday morning.

Withholding a page from publication

If you do NOT want your page to automatically publish you can tell Cascade to hold it from publication by using the following steps:

  1. Open the page for editing again.
  2. In the edit area choose “Metadata” from the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down the page to find the item marked “Start Date.” When you click on the field, a calendar will open that will allow you to choose a date and time. Your page will automatically publish the Monday after that date and time.

  4. Be sure to save and then submit your page so that Cascade is aware of the change you have made to your page. 

Withholding a directory from publication

If you have created a new directory or a new Subsite, but do not yet want to have it published to the live server, you can configure the directory to prevent it from being published. Go to the directory and open it for editing.  Choose “Properties” from the editing toolbar and deselect the “include when publishing” option. Caution: This will prevent the folder from publishing until you go back and manually reselect the “include when publishing” option.