Content Visual Quick Guides

Content Visual Quick Guides

Visual quick guides

Articles or Paragraphs

The only required field is the WYSIWYG text. You have the option of adding headings or a "call to action" button after the text area.


 Photo Features

You need to add a new item for each photo box. Inside each item you choose the background color, the picture and, optionally, a heading and a link to more content.



Text Features

All Text Features need to have a title/heading and a WYSIWYG area. You may also include a link to other content.


Sections or groups of accordion items can have two levels of headings. Beneath that each expanding section (Accordion Item) must have a "Label" that serves to open the section, and the item content your user can see that content.

Tabbed sections

Tabbed panels may have a heading, but each tab must have a "Tab Title" and "Tab Content."