Additional Rowan Resources

Additional Rowan Resources

Additional Rowan Resources

Campus Calendars provide the official dates for Rowan holidays, breaks, and the start and end of each semester.

Campus Phone and Email Directory allows you to search for Rowan employee or department contact information.

Information Desk provides information about campus events, community resources, and activities. Information Desk staff provide students with maps and bus schedules, sell tickets for student organization events, and maintain the University's Lost & Found.

International Center helps international students make their time at Rowan both comfortable and productive. The center also assists Rowan faculty and staff who are interested in inviting exchange visitors or developing partnerships with international institutions.

Military Services Office helps students with education benefits and creates an effective framework for academic and personal success, through campus programing and events.

Rowan Preschool/ Early Childhood Demonstration Center is open to children of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and surrounding communities.

Student Organization Services is a collaborative partnership between different departments at Rowan who support the variety of clubs and organizations at the University.

University News and Events is a great source to find information about upcoming events and to stay up to date with the latest campus news.