The SHOP Food Pantry and Resource Center

Update as of 12/12/22: The SHOP will remain OPEN throughout Winter Break. However, due to holiday observances, we will be closed on the following dates:
Monday, December 26, 2022
Monday, January 2, 2023
Monday, January 16, 2023

UPDATE as of 11/1/22: The SHOP Pantry & Resource Center will have NEW Open Hours of operation.

Beginning on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, The SHOP will no longer be Open at the previous Monday/Friday afternoon schedule.

Beginning on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, The SHOP will now be Open on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday between the hours of 9am-11am.

The same rules will apply of: only one visit per week, and filling only one bag during that visit.

Please also remember that, while The SHOP is an available resource for all Rowan students, we ask that students consider the distinction between need and convenience. The mission of The SHOP is to support need. If after reflection and review of your personal circumstances, you determine that it is genuinely a matter of need, we look forward to supporting your success at Rowan.


Please reach out to us at with any questions or concerns related to these new Open Hours as well as any individual circumstances that may be impacted by the change.



SHOP Hours of Operation

Mondays from 9am–11am

Tuesdays from 9am–11am

Wednesdays from 9am-11am


The SHOP is located in room 141 of Building 5 in the Rowan Blvd Apartments.

Click here for a map to help you in finding our location: Click for Map


*If you are unable to visit The SHOP during our scheduled hours of operation, please send us an email @ to set up an alternative time.


Horas de Operacion

Lunes de 9AM–11AM

Martes de 9AM–11AM

Miercoles de 9AM-11AM

The SHOP está ubicado en el cuarto 141 en el edificio 5 de Rowan Boulevard Apartments. Haz clic por el mapa.

*Si no puede visitar The SHOP durante nuestras horas de operación programadas, por favor envíenos un correo electrónico @ para programar una hora alternativa.


What is The SHOP?  The SHOP is Rowan University's first ever on-campus food pantry and resource center available to students in need. With a particular focus on addressing issues of food insecurity, The SHOP offers a range of free and confidential support services that can connect students with appropriate campus and community resources.

Who can visit The SHOP?  The SHOP is open to all students with a valid Banner ID. The SHOP does not adhere to specific financial restrictions, however items available at the food pantry are intended for students without the financial means or resources necessary to purchase adequate food and/or personal care supplies.  Please leave children and visitors at home, or be prepared to have them wait outside.

Do I need a mask?  Yes, a mask is required in The SHOP, even if on-campus mask restrictions have been reduced.

What kind of things are you giving away?  The SHOP is set up like a small grocery store. Pantry items available to students in need include nonperishable food, school supplies, toiletries, hygiene products, bakery items, fresh produce, and some coats/gloves/hats in winter.

How much can I take?  For the most part there are no limits on the items available for students to take while shopping.  But we do see about 100 students each day we are open, so we ask that you be considerate in only taking what you need and leaving enough for others who might need it. The SHOP is not intended to meet all the nutritional needs of students. If you are in need of more resources, please talk to us about additional resources on campus, in the community, and from the state.

Should I bring a bag?  Yes! We have some plastic bags available, but encourage you to bring a reusable bag each time you come.  In May 2022, the state of NJ will ban our use of single-use plastic bags.

Do I need my Rowan ID?  You do not need to bring your Rowan ID. We check you in using your Rowan email address.

Do I have to wait in line?  It is possible.  Due to Covid restrictions only a certain number of students will be allowed admission to the pantry at any one time, and students awaiting admission will be mandated to adhere to 6-ft distancing while waiting outside The SHOP. We ask that you please plan accordingly depending on the weather and your time constraints.

What if I have class and work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings?  We can arrange another time for you to come by The SHOP.  Send us an email at to set up an alternative time.

What if I have more questions or need more resources? Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns at 

Wait, where are you located again? You can check out a map here.  If you are coming by car you can park in the Rowan Boulevard Parking Garage.  We are located behind the parking garage in the courtyard of the Rowan Boulevard Apartment Complex (aka RoBo).  The GPS address that will take you to our courtyard is 100 Bulldog Way. The SHOP is located in Building 5, and the door of The SHOP opens into the courtyard. Look for our yellow flag.

What about the Fresh For All Market?  Check out the flyers below for the time and location of Fresh For All. We currently pre-bag all items, and you can walk up or get in the drive-through line to pick up lots of fresh produce.

For updates on the Fresh For All market, we will continue to update this website as well as the FFA community hotline 856-244-1166. Please be sure to check back for future updates.