The SHOP Food Pantry and Resource Center


 SHOP UPDATE *5/4/20* - SUMMER HOURS - OPEN thru the summer

As a critical service, The SHOP is scheduled to remain open throughout the Summer months. The operational hours will remain the same (Mondays 3pm-6pm; Fridays 12pm-3pm)*PLEASE NOTE* - If you are unable to make it during these days/times, you may email in order to discuss alternative options. 

Any changes or announcements will be posted as Updates on this website.

As always, we ask that you assess your need and utilize the pantry ONLY IF NECESSARY. We will encourage patrons to pick-up pantry items for an extended need so that we may limit the number of visits necessary. We have also instituted heightened health/safety requirements. Only one student will be allowed admission to the pantry at any one time, and students awaiting admission will be mandated to adhere to 6-ft distancing while waiting outside The SHOP. Please also know that for the foreseeable future there will be NO CHILDREN ALLOWED in The SHOP or waiting outside. We ask that you please plan accordingly. Our concerns for your health & well-being are the utmost importance at this time, and we hope that you will join us in taking these steps toward community health.

Please also feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns at


Additional UPDATE *4/13/20* - Masks/Face-Coverings REQUIRED

In line with State mandates, all visitors to The SHOP are now required to wear masks or face coverings. Our hope is that you will be able to bring your own since it’s a state-wide mandate in order to access essential businesses. For visitors to The SHOP, it can be as simple as a bandana or cloth covering – it does not need to be a formal mask. It can also be a DIY or home-made mask. The SHOP will have a limited supply of scarves and other clothing items that may be fashioned into a cloth covering, however our hope is for visitors to come prepared upon each visit to The SHOP.



As a critical service, The SHOP is currently scheduled to remain open. However, there are NEW  operational hours (Mondays 3pm-6pm; Fridays 12pm-3pm). Beginning with the week of April 13-17, The SHOP will only be available two days per week; We will NO LONGER be available on Tuesdays.*PLEASE NOTE* - If you are unable to make it during these days/times, you may email in order to discuss alternative options. 

We thank you for your understanding as we attempt to maintain this critical service while also managing the limited staff available. We certainly look to continue to support your well-being and  provide all services on this reduced schedule.



Fresh For All UPDATE *5/4/20* - We are OPEN and scheduled for regular distributions at 10am each Friday throughout the Summer. We will continue to update this website as well as the FFA community hotline 856-244-1166. Please be sure to check back for future updates.




The SHOP (Students Helping Other Profs) is Rowan University's first ever on campus food pantry and resource center available to students in need. With a particular focus on addressing issues of food insecurity, The SHOP offers a range of free and confidential support services that can connect students with appropriate campus and community resources.

The SHOP does not adhere to specific financial restrictions, however items available at the food pantry are intended for students without the financial means or resources necessary to purchase adequate food and/or personal care supplies. Pantry items available to students in need include nonperishable food, school supplies, toiletries, and hygiene products. 


Hours of Operation

*UPDATED* As of 4/7/20

Mondays from 3PM–6PM

Fridays from 12PM–3PM


*If you are unable to visit The SHOP during our scheduled hours of operation, please send us an email @ to set up an alternative time.