Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

The SHOP in the News


The SHOP: Campus Resource Center at Rowan Addresses Student Hunger


Rowan University Opens Food Bank on Campus


Having Sleep for Dinner: Many College Students Struggle to Afford Food 


Food Insecurity: It’s Real, and It’s at Rowan as featured in the Writing Arts Department Newsletter.


Research on Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity Among Rowan University Undergraduate Students by the “Student Hunger On Campus” (SHOC) Research Team.



Resources related to finances, food, and housing can be found on the ProfCents website. 

We Can All Make a Difference…


  • Consider adding a Syllabus Statement.
    • Example: Rowan University students that have trouble accessing sufficient food or housing
      throughout the semester are encouraged to visit the ProfCents website. This website contains numerous academic and financial resources available to Rowan University students. Additionally, feel free to reach out to (Professor’s Name) regarding any financially related situations as I may be able to connect you to additional resources.
  • Be aware of the expenses a class requires.
    • The average undergraduate student attending a four-year institution will spend $1,250 a year
      on books and supplies (College Board, 2018).
    • Where possible, use older editions; and when not needed, don’t assign.
    • Place one or more copies on reserve at the library.
  • Consider applying for a future Textbook Alternative Project (TAP) grant. 
    • $2,000 grants awarded to select faculty members seeking to redesign their teaching with the use of library, free, and open resources that would lower the cost of course materials for Rowan students. For more information, please visit

SGA, Clubs and Organizations

  • Adopt The SHOP as your community service project.
  • Donate refillable water bottles.
  • School supply “Drop at the SHOP.”
  • Make available “snack boxes” at various campus locations, particularly at the beginning of each term when major school expenses are due. Various student organizations should participate and
  • Explore developing a small “kitchen” (microwave, plastic utensils) so students from off campus can
    prepare food.
  • Create instructions on planning for and preparing quick and convenient meals.
  • Publicize and encourage a meal sharing app to match students needing food with those who have

Dining Services

  • Dining services might offer more halal, kosher, vegetarian and vegan food options.
  • Provide an option for students to designate a portion of their balance of any unused meals at the end of each semester to be designated to an account for a food insecure student (SHOC: Student Hunger On Campus Research Team, 2018).

Recommendations for Creating a Culture of Caring to Foster Students' Trust & Comfortability

  • Don’t assume. There are many reasons students may not have supplies and are not engaged, food insecurity and the lack of financial resources may be one reason. If signs of distress are noticed, ask to speak to the student privately. Ask if everything is ok.
  • Have snack items (granola bars, fruit snacks, nuts) during class or in your office.
  • Learn about resources, refer and encourage students to utilize campus resources.
    • ProfCents website
    • The SHOP Food Pantry and Resource Center
    • Recommend students email the Dean of Students to discuss additional resources and options to address challenges, email:
    • Recommend students meet with a counselor at the Wellness Center to learn about additional resources

Support The SHOP Food Pantry and Resource Center

  • Make individual donations of non-perishable items, personal care items, school supplies,
    winter clothing, etc.
  • Sponsor department-wide fundraising campaigns
  • Adopt The SHOP as year-long fundraising campaign
  • Share opportunity to donate to the SHOP with Community Clubs/Organizations
  • Donate items for Community Service hours (10 items =1 hour of comm. serv.)
  • Make a Financial Donation to The SHOP online or mail to: Rowan University Foundation Shpeen Hall, 201 Mullica Hill Road Glassboro, NJ 08028; write in memo: The SHOPflowchart