Student Emergency Assistance Funding

Student Emergency Assistance Funding

Student Emergency Assistance

The Student Emergency Fund was established through the Rowan University Foundation in 2016 in an effort to support students facing unexpected hardships. The purpose of the fund is to help prevent an emergency from derailing a student's progress toward earning a degree from Rowan University.

Although the funds cannot be utilized to satisfy a University bill (e.g. tuition, fees, housing), they may be used for other personal expenses (e.g. transportation, personal health, emergency groceries, basic needs, required technology for remote learning).

Minimum Requirements:

1) Currently enrolled as a Rowan University student;

2) In good standing with the University;

3) Minimum 2.00 GPA;

4) Documentable need for the requested funds (attachments);

5) All Financial Aid options have been exhausted.

Individuals who do not have electronic access to the form may call the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students to complete the form via telephone access (856-256-4040). Questions may be directed to

We appreciate the sensitive nature associated with these requests. As a result, the materials will be kept confidential and only limited to essential personnel who work with the Student Emergency Assistance program.

Student Emergency Assistance Application.