Donated Meals Program

Donated Meals Program

Donated Meals Program

Gourmet Dining provides a number of donated meals each semester for students with a demonstrated financial need who are facing food insecurity on campus. Students can request to be considered for these meals through The SHOP or Dean of Students Office: 

  • Please e-mail to describe your need.

  • A block of meal swipes may be provided based on need. These are meal swipes only, no dining dollars or Rowan Bucks are available to be provided.

  • As this is not a regular student meal plan, donated meals can not replace a required student meal plan for residential students living in areas where a meal plan is required.

  • After The SHOP or Dean of Students Office verifies need, Gourmet Dining and the University’s dining services liaison will approve a specific number of donated meals, and the Rowan Card Office will add the donated meals to the student account/ID card.

  • If the student utilizes all provided donated meals within a semester, an additional request can be made. Students will be asked to show utilization of other food insecurity resources such as The SHOP, Fresh for All, and/or other community resources.

  • A limited number of donated meals are provided each semester. If all available donated meals are awarded, The SHOP can provide referrals to additional resources for addressing food insecurity.