Submitting Reports

Submitting Reports

Submitting Reports

Rowan University is committed to gathering information and providing individuals with opportunities to share allegations, concerns, perspectives, and thoughts. Although we attempt to implement mechanisms to make such communication accessible to all, we know there can be unintentional confusion regarding how to submit information. The following is intended to help provide clarification:

General Concerns or Information:

In an effort to best assist students, faculty, staff, parents, and other University partners, the following form has been created to allow for the expression of a complaint, concern, and/or request for assistance without having to conduct research on which report is correct. This "one-stop" model will allow you to share information that will be referred to appropriate University personnel for follow-up.

General Concerns or Information



Individuals who have experienced and/or would like to report information concerning discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation can submit a report. More specific information related to discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation is available through the Office of Student Equity and Compliance.


Hardship Appeal Request:

This form is used to submit documentation of unanticipated hardship that significantly and/or suddenly prevented attendance or participation in classes and/or completion of coursework. Documentation may be submitted by the student or by authorized University officials or personnel and will be evaluated for consideration of account adjustments associated with involuntary and unavoidable withdrawal from the University. Documentation must be clearly associated with the time-frame of withdrawal and must verify the duration and/or severity of the hardship. Please note that per University policy, a refund or cancellation of charges is not normally available after the Add/Drop period and will be considered only in rare and compelling circumstances.


Hardship Appeal Request


Sexual Misconduct/Title IX:

Individuals who have experienced and/or would like to report information concerning sexual misconduct or Title IX can submit a report. More specific information related to sexual misconduct or Title IX is available through the Office of Student Equity and Compliance.

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX

Student Absence:

If a student will be absent for illness, medical reasons, or exceptional personal reasons for three (3) or more consecutive class days, the Dean of Students Office may be asked to notify professors regarding the student’s absences. Students will be required to provide verifiable documentation regarding the reason for the absences to the Dean of Students Office. Though notification may be provided by the Dean of Students Office, arrangements for make-up work, make-up exams, or possible assignment adjustments are the responsibility of the student.

Student Absence Notification

Student of Concern/CARES:

Rowan is a University that cares about students and strives to implement early interventions to promote the success and well-being. As a result, individuals who may report concerns about students they know to be experiencing difficulties with classes, personal matters, coping with their environment or life circumstances, etc.


Student of Concern


Student Emergency Assistance Funds:

The Student Emergency Fund was established through the Rowan University Foundation in 2016 in an effort to support students facing unexpected hardships. The purpose of the fund is to help prevent an emergency from derailing a student's progress toward earning a degree from Rowan University. Although the funds cannot be utilized to satisfy a University bill (e.g. tuition, fees, housing), they may be used for other personal expenses (e.g. transportation, personal health, emergency groceries, basic needs, required technology for remote learning).


Student Emergency Assistance Funds