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Director's Welcome


Welcome to the Achieving Success through Collaboration, Engagement, And Determination (ASCEND) website. Home of the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and RISE program. We are excited to announce that the EOF Program is now part of and will be supported through the ASCEND program, ASCEND was created to maximize university support services  by providing students with intentional support and programming that is personalized to their academic needs. The students served by ASCEND represent broad levels of diversity in terms of backgrounds, cultures, interests, and academic performance.

The ASCEND program focuses on the academic development of students as well as the development of students' social skills and habits. All ASCEND students, have access to a support system that includes academic advising, intensive counseling, success coaching, leadership development, mentoring, tutoring and developmental workshops. The ASCEND staff serve as guides and advocates as students matriculate; assisting and promoting their pursuit, and successful completion, of higher education. The ASCEND program has a strong tradition of empowering, retaining and graduating students, through academic and financial support. Through ASCEND experiences coupled with comprehensive academic development, our students have excelled on campus and in a host of professional fields at both the local and national levels.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our programs!


Dr. Dawn S. Singleton
Senior Director of Student Success & Inclusion Programs


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