Medallion Award Winners

Medallion Award Winners

Medallion Award Winners

The medallion award is the highest honor a graduating senior can receive to acknowledge superior performance in a particular field. The medallion distinguishes you as exceptional, placing you in the ranks of Rowan University’s finest graduates.

Larry P. Thomas Model of Excellence Award

This medallion is awarded to an inspirational ASCEND senior who demonstrates exceptional scholastic achievement, the potential for visionary leadership, and a genuine commitment to equity and inclusion.  Students awarded graduated in the top 10% of the ASCEND class, exhibited outstanding leadership to the department, school/college, and/or University and exhibited an uncompromising commitment to challenging injustice, preserving the planet, and/or enriching underserved and under-resourced communities.

2022- Gonzalo McGuckin

2021- Fahed Shakil

2020- Breyanna Chiles- Gaines

2019- Morgan White

2018 - Alexandra Jones

2017 - Yaritza Santana

2016 - Cindy Rubiano-Gomez

Earl W. Hinton & Dolores Copeland Award for Volunteerism

This medallion is awarded to an ASCEND student who has demonstrated the spirit of ASCEND through outstanding leadership and community service exhibited by positive contributions to improve the academic, intellectual, and personal development of others.

Students awarded exhibit service to the community and others, effective leadership to the department, college, and University and is an ASCEND student who will graduate in May.

2022-Tiana Howard 

2021- Shania Terry

2020-Zanib Ahmad

2019-Cassandra Cabrera

2018 - Alissa Yamabushi

2017 - Meishia LeMon

2016 - Minelson Louis-Baptist

2015 - Jiong Kuang