Program Responsibilities

Program Responsibilities

Services of EOF and RISE

The EOF and RISE programs provide support services for EOF and RISE students from freshman year through graduation.

One on One Guidance

EOF and RISE students are assigned an EOF and RISE counselor to provide support from freshman year through graduation. Students are required to meet regularly with their EOF and RISE counselor for one-on-one discussions on academic, financial, career, and personal needs.

Academic Support

The EOF and RISE program monitors the academic status of students in the program each semester through the Rowan Success Network. Students requiring additional support are referred to additional campus resources.

Financial Assistance

Educational Opportunity Fund program students who are in compliance with state and program guidelines receive an EOF grant from the State of New Jersey each semester. Students receive $975 per semester. Rowan University has committed additional financial support of $1,000 per semester for EOF students who maintain a 2.75 grade point average each semester. Additional financial resources are available for EOF and RISE students for assistance with conference registration, graduation fees, book loans, etc.

EOF and RISE First Year Seminar

Freshman year can be very overwhelming. To assist with the transitional adjustments, EOF and RISE students are enrolled into the EOF and RISE First Year Seminar during the Fall semester of their first year. In the First Year Seminar, students will gain knowledge and obtain information on topics such as on and off campus support services, leadership and scholarship opportunities, financial aid, study abroad options and career exploration.