Camden PCI

Camden PCI

Welcome to ASCEND in Camden!

ASCEND-Camden Mission:

The mission of the ASCEND program is to provide access to a community of learners that embrace high academic standards and an appreciation of learning. Through a holistic approach we will value each student’s unique gifts and talents and provide an environment, which embrace and celebrates diversity. Consistent with the University mission, we will foster the intellectual, critical thinking and personal development of students which enables them to live as essential contributing members of a multi-cultural society.


The EOF program, created in 1968, is a state and university funded special admission program that provides financial assistance, academic, and personal support services to students who have the motivation and desire to attend college, but need additional academic and/or financial support to be successful as a Rowan University student. EOF students qualify for an EOF financial aid grant.

ASCEND freshman students are required to participate in the Pre-College Institute (PCI) to be considered for admission to Rowan University.

The Pre-College Institute at Camden

Incoming ASCEND students attend an non-residential intensive six-week Pre-College Institute held in the Rowan Camden Academic Building (RUCAB), starting in late June through early August.  The Institute takes a structured approach to teaching students survival skills necessary to succeed in college.

Students participate in course work, structured study periods, group discussions and other activities that promote academic and personal success. 

At the end of the Pre-College Institute, ASCEND staff and teaching faculty, evaluate the student’s performance and determines their acceptance into the University for the fall.

Academic Year Program

The ASCEND program is designed to provide students with support to prepare them for the challenges they will face at Rowan University and beyond. Students meet with counselors on a monthly basis to discuss academic progress, career planning, personal growth and leadership.  In addition to helping students in these areas, counselors work closely with students to encourage them to question, alter, inspect and challenge their experiences for the purpose of constructive self-actualization.

Applying to ASCEND-Camden

Students must apply through rhe common application via the Rowan University admissions process. To be eligible, students must meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • First Generation- first in family to complete a four year degree for RISE scholarship
  • Low –income as indicated by EOF state guidelines
  • Demonstrate academic promise and motivation to succeed as demonstrated by high school gpa, ACT/SAT, RISE essay, and interview and recommendation letters
  • Passionate about the opportunity to receive additional academic support and resources to increase persistence
  • Able to participate in the full non-residential six week Pre-College Institute (typically held the last week in June through the first week in August).
  • Students will be interviewed to determine if they meet the criteria for ASCEND, and which specific program within ASCEND they qualify (LSAMP, EOF, or RISE).

During the admissions process, your financial aid eligibility will be reviewed to determine financial support needed and grant or scholarship eligibility. Award letters will be provide to selected students  via the admissions office. These letter will indicate that a student has been accepted to the ASCEND pre-college institute and  identify which program they are admitted to (i.e EOF Scholar or RISE Scholar). 


Current Students: Job Opportunties 

PCI Peer Counselor Position Description

Peer Counselors are responsible for helping students with the transition to college in various ways, which is includes, interpersonally, clerically, and with programming. Peer counselors are responsible for assisting in a variety of related interpersonal skills workshops and ongoing seminars.  Peer Counselors will be expected to address large and small groups of students, mediate conflicts, and interact with administrators across the campus.

Peer counselor are also responsible for monitoring assigned classes and assisting the classroom instructor.  Peer Counselors also provide individualized and group academic support, completes related report and monitors structured study and computer lab sessions.


Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50

********* Please Note************

 Peer Counselors are required to :

  • Perform duties as needed, beyond the stated job description.
  • Be free of all other extracurricular activities during the employment of the Pre- College Institute. Students are permitted to be enrolled in the Summer 1 Session only
  • Peer Counselors are not permitted to have internships, secondary employment, or any related activities during the Pre-College Institute employment.