Working for the PCI Program

Working for the PCI Program

What is the Pre-College Institute (PCI)?

Each summer students attend an intensive six-week Pre-College Institute held on the Rowan campus.  The program is active the months of June through August.  The Institute takes a structured approach to teaching students survival skills necessary to succeed in college.

Students participate in course work, structured study periods, group discussions and other activities that promote academic and personal success.

At the end of the Pre-College Institute, ASCEND staff evaluates the student’s performance and determines their acceptance into the University for the fall.

Staffing Roles


Responsible for assisting the professional counselor in a variety of related interpersonal skills workshops and ongoing seminars.  Peer Counselors in this component will be expected to address large and small groups of students, mediate conflicts, and interact with administrators across the campus.


Responsible for general programming of the residence hall, developing creative engaging free time activities and provide residence hall security and complete basic reports. 

Supplemental Instructors:

Responsible for monitoring assigned classes, and assisting the classroom instructor.  Provides individualized and group academic support, completes related reports. Monitors structured study and computer lab sessions.


Maintains the PCI residence hall front office. Provides clerical support, completes reports, and assists in the general administrative duties in both the ASCEND Office and residence hall. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel.


Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50.  If applying as a Supplemental Instructor you must have a 3.0 average in the subject area to be tutored.

Staff are required to:

  • Live in the PCI residential hall
  • perform duties as needed, beyond the stated job description
  • Be free of all other extra curricular activities during the employment of the Pre- College Institute. Students are permitted to be enrolled in the Summer 1 Session only. 
  • Peer Counselors are not permitted to have internships, secondary employment, or any related activities during the Pre-College Institute employment.