Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organizations

Alpha Epsilon Lambda

Rowan University's Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda, the Honor Society of Graduate and Professional School Students, aims to confer distinction for high achievement in the leadership of graduate student organizations and academics, promote leadership development, encourage high standards of ethical behavior, and encourage graduate student engagement in critical issues of society. For questions, please contact:

College of Education

Zeta Pi Chapter of the Graduate Students International Counseling Honor's Society Chi Sigma Iota (CSI)

Dr. Kara Ieva, 

The Education Student Association is a graduate organization by graduate students, for graduate students. The organization stands on the pillars of advocacy, leadership, mentorship, and professional development. All graduate students in the College of Education are welcome to join. For questions, please contact:

College of Communication and Creative Arts

Glassworks is an internationally circulated literary magazine housed in the M.A. in Writing program. Graduate students can get involved as editors by enrolling in Editing the Literary Journal (MAWR 01566) or by applying for an internship. Students enrolled in graduate programs other than Writing are also welcome. To learn more, email Prof. Katie Budris ( - Writing Arts).

College of Science and Mathematics

Psi Chi Honors Society- Psychology Dr. Valerie LaMastro,

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

To learn more about opportunities available for graduate students in History, contact Dr. Scott Morschauser (; for Law & Justice Studies, contact Dr. Michael Vigorita ( or Dr. Wanda Foglia (

College of Performing Arts

Graduate Degree in Music Graduate students are welcome to perform in ensembles, either for credit or through the community music school Rowan Prep. For more information, contact Marian Stieber ( or office extension 3715).

College of Engineering

Graduate students can participate in the student chapter of the professional societies, of which there are many in engineering. Our students are involved with research projects with faculty, where many of them are externally sponsored. They are also involved in other department activities as well, based on the opportunity.

Materials Research Society

The Materials Research Society (MRS) at Rowan University is a specialized organization primarily led by graduate students. Although we are not yet an official chapter of the international Materials Research Society, our organization is deeply committed to the advancement of materials science and engineering. We welcome students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines who share an interest in this rapidly evolving field. For questions, please contact:

College of Business

Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society For more information, check out their website: or contact Dr. James Roh at

Graduate Student Government Association

The mission of the Rowan University Graduate Student Government Association is to serve as the official voice and representation for Rowan University Glassboro graduate students and, Rowan University graduate students not otherwise represented by the SOM Student Government Association and/or Cooper Medical School of Rowan University's Student Government Association. Also, to serve as a hub for graduate student concerns, needs, leadership, professional development, and advocacy. Contact Information:

Black Graduate and Professional Student Association

The association was established to address the needs and concerns of Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC) who are graduate and professional students, and to encourage black undergraduates to pursue advanced degrees. The Black Graduate and Professional Student Association (BGPSA@Rowan) provides critical resources for ensuring the academic success of African American students and BIPOC students, and aids in developing a powerful network of emerging BIPOC scholars who can continue to diversify the academy and enrich the larger community. For questions, contact:

Strong Tower Family

The purpose of this organization is to bring people of different backgrounds together to be representatives of Christ. This organization aims to create an inclusive environment that enables all members to be ambassadors of Christ. We will affect change in our circles, campuses, and communities by our actions, words and characters. By being ambassadors, we will build and enrich our community while being centered in Christ. We will grow in influence, affluence, and tolerance. Our aim is to let our lives and actions speak louder than our words as we all continue to grow in God. For questions, contact