Alpha Epsilon Lambda

Alpha Epsilon Lambda

Alpha Epsilon Lambda


  • To recognize, promote, and foster outstanding leadership and high academic achievement among graduate and professional school students.
  • To provide service to graduate and professional school students and student organizations at the University.
  • To encourage and support development of all campuswide, college-level, and departmental graduate and professional school student organizations at the University and their participation in national graduate student organizations, including the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students.

Mission & Overview

Rowan University's Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda, the Honor Society of Graduate and Professional School Students, aims to:

  • Confer distinction for high achievement in the leadership of graduate student organizations.
  • Confer distinction for high achievement in graduate school academics.
  • Promote leadership development.
  • Promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development.
  • Enrich the intellectual environment of graduate education institutions.
  • Encourage high standards of ethical behavior.
  • Encourage graduate student engagement in critical issues of society.

AEL Pledge

I hereby do solemnly covenant that I shall uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of Alpha Epsilon Lambda and its ideals, customs and traditions in full confidence; That I shall support in loyal service of our Society; And that intellect and duty shall ever be close to my heart for all my days to come.

Membership Requirements

New Members

To become a member of AEL, you must be a degree seeking graduate student with a minimum of 12 completed credit hours and an official Rowan cumulative graduate GPA of 3.62 or better. A record of leadership in school or community is also a focus of the organization.

Graduate students who are eligible for membership in AEL will receive a letter of invitation via their Rowan student email. Eligible students who wish to pursue membership are required to complete and submit an application via Google Form. All applications are subject to review by the selection committee.

Students who are accepted for membership are invited to participate in an induction ceremony which is held during the spring semester of each academic year. First time inductees are required to pay the National Chapter of AEL lifetime membership dues in the amount of $25.00, in addition to the Rowan University Upsilon Chapter dues in the amount of $25.00 per academic year. Dues must be paid online through the Rowan Online Marketplace.

Continuing Members

The requirements to remain an AEL member once inducted are:

  • Attendance at least once per year at a chapter meeting held in the fall and spring of each academic year.
  • Participation in at least one service project per year (service projects occur fall and spring semester)
  • Payment of annual Rowan University Upsilon chapter dues in the amount of $25.00. Dues must be paid online through the Rowan Online Marketplace.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of Rowan's chapter of AEL provides many benefits, among them:

  • You become a part of a prestigious local and national organization that will provide many opportunities for social and professional networking.
  • You have an opportunity to give back to the community by participating in AEL service projects.
  • You earn the right to include AEL honor cords as part of your official academic regalia. Only AEL members are eligible to purchase and wear the Alpha Epsilon Lambda silver and red honor cords at Rowan's Graduate Commencement ceremony (you must be an active member of the organization at the time of graduation in order to wear honor cords at commencement).
  • Joining provides you with an academic distinction that you can include on your resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

Executive Board

  • President: The President is the primary leader of the organization with the responsibility to plan and conduct meetings.
  • Past President: Provide guidance when needed to current executive board and serve as alumni representation for the organization.
  • Vice Presidents: The Vice Presidents are each responsible for specific areas within the organization.
    • Membership: Coordinating and tracking new and current members, including directory information
    • Service: Conducting the agreed upon service initiatives for the organization
    • Events: Coordinating the chapter events, including meetings/induction ceremonies
    • Communication: Update Facebook and website, coordinate outreach efforts

Current executive board:

  • President:Altonia Bryant (Interim)
  • Past President: Kimberly Poolos
  • Acting Treasurer: Stephanie Lezotte
  • Vice Presidents:
    • Membership: Marium Waqar
    • Service: Peter Yanefski
    • Events: Altonia Bryant
    • Communication: Vacant
  • Faculty Advisor: Tabbetha Dobbins

If you are interested in serving on the executive board, please contact us via email at

Schedule of Meetings & Events

Fall 2023

The Upsilon Chapter of AEL will host a Meet and Greet event on Friday, December 15th, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM at Bonesaw Brewing Company in Glassboro, NJ

Spring 2024

Stay tuned for more information about our annual new member induction ceremony!

Contact Information

The School of Graduate Studies serves as the administrative liaison for AEL, providing oversight and assisting the organization with operating within the Rowan University system.

For questions, please contact: