Graduate Student Travel Fund

Graduate Student Travel Fund

2023-2024 Graduate Student Travel Fund

2023-2024 Graduate Student Travel Fund

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) recognizes the importance of having graduate students present research or a creative/artistic product to a professional body or organization. Often, funding for these endeavors is available through the graduate program, department, college, or externally funded grants. However, there are instances in which a funding source cannot be obtained and the student must pay for these travel expenses out-of-pocket. The Graduate Student Travel Fund is competitively allocated to help students with this financial burden. Awardees will be given up to $600 to assist with their travel costs. Due to availability of funds, not all applicants will receive an award.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. All graduate-level students enrolled in a degree-granting program (students enrolled in certificate programs or medical/veterinary school are not eligible to apply).
  2. Students must be invited to present their research, scholarship, or showcase a creative/artist product at a conference or professional event.
  3. Funds will be transferred to the student’s department with the expectation that the department will assist the student with their travel paperwork.
  4. Students must follow all university travel policies. SGS funds cannot be used to reimburse travel expenses that are outside the scope of Rowan’s travel policy (e.g. SGS cannot provide reimbursement above the prevailing GSA meal per diem or first-class airfare).
  5. Students are limited to one Graduate Student Travel Award per academic year (Sept-Aug).


Students should fill out the Application for Graduate Student Travel Fund Google Form. All applications will be reviewed after the relevant application deadline.

Application Deadlines

Students may only apply to the deadline that aligns with their travel plans. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST of the relevant deadline. Applications received late or outside of the relevant deadline will not be reviewed.

  • October 5 (accepting applications for travel that occurs October through December)
  • January 5 (accepting applications for travel that occurs January through March)
  • April 5 (accepting applications for travel that occurs April through June)
  • July 5 (accepting applications for travel that occurs July through September)

Review Process

The School of Graduate Studies will convene a committee to review applications based on 1) eligibility criteria, 2) the applicant’s financial need, 3) merit of the activity, and 4) impact of participation for the student’s academic and/or professional growth.

If you have questions about the program or experience trouble with the application form please contact School of Graduate Studies Assistant Dean Stephanie Lezotte at

2023-2024 Awardees

October Cycle:

  1. Jennifer McIlvaine (Ph.D. in Education)
  2. Faith Shank (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology)
  3. Megan Korovich (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology)
  4. Natalie Page (Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering)
  5. Hind Alharbi (Ph.D. in Education)
  6. Cat Reed (M.A. in Writing Arts)
  7. Emily Colon (M.A. in Writing Arts)
  8. Shea Roberts (M.A. in Writing Arts)
  9. Lesley George (M.A. in Writing Arts)
  10. Gianna Forgen (M.A. in Writing Arts)
  11. Nyds Rivera (M.A. in Writing Arts)

January Cycle:

  1. Deep Patel (Ph.D. in Civil and Evironmental Engineering)
  2. Md. Sadman Islam (Ph.D. in Civil and Evironmental Engineering)
  3. Ruqaya Alfaris (Ph.D. in Civil and Evironmental Engineering)
  4. Md. Arifuzzaman Nayeem (M.S. in Civil and Evironmental Engineering)
  5. Shelby Goodwin (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology)
  6. Matthew Mitnick (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology)
  7. Erica Figueroa (Ph.D. in Education)
  8. Xuelian Jia (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  9. Tong Wang (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  10. Nada Daood (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  11. Charles Barnes (Ph.D. in Education)

April Cycle:

  1. Tarun Teja Kairamkonda (M.S. in Computer Science)
  2. Francesa Crump (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology)
  3. Nicholas Marano (Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology and Neuroscience)
  4. Janine Mazahreh (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  5. Samuel Foster (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  6. Christopher Piccolo (PhD. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)