Tips for Academic Success

Tips for Academic Success

Tips for a Successful Academic Year

Rowan Global Students are busy - working, volunteering, caregiving - all while trying to achieve their education and career goals.  Start your academic year by planning for academic success and following these tips:

Get Organized

  • Discuss a realistic course load with your advisor.  
  • Register and plan for your semester early.  Discuss your schedule with work, childcare providers, and family.
  • Plan for your online classes in your weekly schedule.  Students sometimes fall behind because they simply forgot about online classes - mark them on your calendar as if they were an in-person class and remember to participate weekly.
  • Log into MyRowan at the start of your day to find the platforms you will need as a Rowan Global student, all in one place. Favorite items to keep your dahsboard organized. Check out this MyRowan video tutorial

Communicate Often

  • If you run into trouble, reach out as soon as possible.  Advisors are there to help, but can't do so if we don't know what's going on. This video will walk you through what to expect in an advising appointment and how your academic advisor is here to help you.
  • Check your email to ensure that you are aware of deadlines, reminders, and support events.
  • Talk to your professors.  They are part of your success team and, like your advisors, can't help if they don't know what's going on.  Make use of their office hours for extra help, or to discuss any issues.  If you are struggling to meet deadlines, reach out in advance of the due date - they are more likely to grant extensions before the due date, rather than after the fact.

Find Support

  • Start a study group, either in person or online.
  • Talk to family, friends, colleagues - find those people who can help you keep motivated.
  • Connect with other students in your major through RowanCONNECT (for undergrads) and RowanNEXT (for grads). These are online communities for students. You can find a virtual tours on our YouTube channel.
  • Utilize the resources listed in this module.

Focus on the Finish

  • Keep your goal in mind - every successful class puts you one step closer to achieving your goals.  You can do it!