Military Services

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Military Services

Military Services Office

Welcome to the Military Services Office at Rowan University. Our office at Rowan University is the liaison with the Regional Processing Office in Buffalo, NY, and assists veterans and dependents of veterans with their education benefits. We also provide programming and resources for the campus community. 


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Military Services is to engage all military affiliated students, including veterans, active duty, reservists, National Guard members and dependents in their transition from military life to the campus and the greater community. While assisting students in developing and implementation of meaningful educational goals consistent with their personal values, interests, and abilities. To this end, the military services office helps students with education benefits and create an effective framework for academic and personal success, through campus programing and events.




Toys for Tots Drive
November 6- December 15, 2023
We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys again for the 18th Annual Toys for Tots Drive!
Drop off locations iclude Savitz Hall 2nd floor, Shpeen Hall and Business Hall!
Care Package Collection for Operation Yellow Ribbon
November 6- December 15, 2023
Join us as we support Operation Yellow Ribbon in collecting new items for care packages! Items can be dropped off to any military apprecation week event or to the Military Services Office.

Items Requested and Appreciated:

• Protein/Energy Bars

• Protein Powder

• 5 Hour Energy Drink Products

• Mio Liquid Water Enhancer

• Rice Crispy treats
• Bagged tuna and chicken (tear-open pouches)
• Chewing gum/candy suckers etc.
• Dry roasted peanuts/mixed nuts
• Potato chips in cylinder or can

• Trail Mix

• Dried fruit
• Beef Jerky
• Baby powder
• Baby wipes

• Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

• Visine or Saline eye drops

• Chapstick 
• Crystal Light Drink Mix Individual Packets
• Powdered drink mix (Gatorade etc)
• Puffs/Kleenex 
• Hand sanitizer
• Sudoku/Puzzle/crossword books 
• Foot powder 
• Sunscreen (lotion only, no sprays)
• Skittles
• Swedish Fish
• Twizzlers
• Breakfast Bars 
• Slim Jim's 
• Ground Coffee 
• Tea
• Pumpkin Seeds 
• Sunflower Seeds

• Deodorant (sticks only, no sprays)

Candy Canes

Cans of ground coffee

Boxes of tea bags

Hot Chocolate

Holiday Themed Tins of Cookies

Holiday Themed Chocolates

Holiday Themed Candy

Hanukkah Gelt (chocolate gold coins), Dreidels, & Hanukkah Candles

Little Debbie Holiday Cakes/Snacks

Hostess Holiday Cakes/Snacks

Royal Dansk Cookie Tins (Butter Cookies)

Store purchased cookies such as Oreos, Nabisco, Chips Ahoy, Keebler, Mallomars, Lorna Doone, Archway etc

Kellogg’s Rice Crispy Treats




Virtual Open Hours

Have a quick question? Need some assistance, but not sure what to type in an email to us. Join us during the Virtual Open Hours !

Department of Veterans Affairs Education Benefits

A brief description of some of the education benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Information for Students

Information for new and returning students regarding processing of benefits, training and orders, and more.

Information for Faculty/Staff

Information for faculty and staff regarding veteran students training and active duty orders, training, and other resources.

Veteran and Dependent Scholarship

A Rowan University scholarship created to provide assistance to eligible degree seeking veteran students and their dependents as well as those who have retired or are honorably discharged.

Stars and Stripes Training

Created in 2016 to inform the Rowan community about issues specific to veteran students. In this training you learn more about this population and review common scenarios between veterans students and the Rowan community.

Additional Information

Find out about upcoming events, resources and more!

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