Center for Neurodiversity

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Center for Neurodiversity

Welcome to the Center for Neurodiversity


The Center for Neurodiversity was established as a result of the work of the Neurodiversity Taskforce, a taskforce comprised of neurodiverse faculty, staff, students and community partners.

Neurodiversity, simply put, is recognizing mind differences as natural human variation and as valuable. Foundational to the work of the Center for Neurodiversity are shared tenets of neurodiversity culture:

  • valuing neurological differences as diversity and as one of many aspects of identity,
  • recognizing that a variety of minds benefits society,
  • viewing neurodivergence from a strength perspective, and
  • understanding that neurodiversity and disability co-exist.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to form partnerships, to get involved and/or to learn more about our planned programming, research and resources at

All the best,


Dr. Amy Accardo
Faculty Director, Center for Neurodiversity
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education Department

And on behalf of the Rowan University Neurodiversity Task Force
Please visit our photo gallery marking the historic launching of the Center for Neurodiversity.