Textbook Alternative Program

Textbook Alternative Program

Rowan University Textbook Alternative Program (TAP)

Tapping into Rowan’s resources to drive down the cost of course materials!

The Textbook Alternative Program (TAP) partners with faculty and departments to leverage the knowledge and expertise of faculty members  seeking to reduce the cost of the course materials in their course(s). The three overarching goals for TAP are to: 1) raise awareness of the rising cost of course materials, 2) collaborate with faculty and departments to drive down the cost of course materials and 3.) to provide day one access to course materials for all students.

In 2018, Rowan University’s Affordability Task Force issued five $2,000 grants to faculty members seeking to redesign their teaching materials with the use of library, free, and open resources that would lower the cost of course materials for Rowan students. This project is estimated to save Rowan students a total of $116,181 in the first year alone. This spring, 10 TAP grants have been awarded to faculty members which has the potential to impact over 10,000 students and save them 1.2 million in 2020 alone.

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