Rowan Seminar

Rowan Seminar

The Rowan Seminar course is an essential part of the Rowan Experience. Rowan Seminars are special sections of regular courses which have a small class size (20 students) and are designed to help facilitate your transition to Rowan and success in college-level work. ALL STUDENTS must complete a Rowan Seminar course; it is a graduation requirement. RS courses can be found all over the University and some RS courses are related to a major while others are of more general interest.

This is a requirement because academic expectations in college are much higher than those in high school. First-year students need extra guidance and support as they transition to the new expectations. Your Rowan Seminar is an opportunity to build a strong academic foundation for the skills you will need in all of your college courses. You will also learn a lot about Rowan policies and resources that you will use for all four years. 


Rowan Seminar FAQs

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Rowan Seminar Enrollment

Most students are pre-enrolled in a Rowan Seminar, but if you run into any issues, let us know!

Rowan Strive to Thrive

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