Rowan 101

Rowan 101

Rowan 101: College Success (RS)

Rowan 101 is a 2 credit free-elective course that fulfills the Rowan Seminar requirement. It provides support during freshman students' transition to college level work; engagement with the Rowan community; and planning for major and career. Included among many topics are discussions of academic skills, identity and diversity, academic integrity, and financial literacy.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

 1) Articulate the meaning and value of being a member of the Rowan University community;

2) Describe their personal interests, values, and skills as related to education and career;

3) Understand the academic differences between high school and college and build academic skills to support success;

4) Be familiar with campus resources and materials and how to use them to achieve academic and personal success at Rowan;

5) Develop short and long term personal goals to guide their plans for academic and professional success;

6) Build skills and knowledge for finding and using appropriate library and information sources for college level work;

7) Develop an understanding of self and others in a diverse world and diverse campus.

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