Will my room include a combination appliance (Fridge/Freezer/Microwave)?

Yes! If you are assigned to a traditional residence hall room (not an apartment), a Microfridge unit will be installed as a standard piece of room furnishing. It is not something that you need to arrange for an additional contract with a 3rd party vendor in order to keep once you have arrived on campus. It comes standard with the room, as long as you have a traditional residence hall room assignment.

Residents residing in an apartment complex will not have a Microfridge as part of your standard accommodations installed in your bedroom and a rental service for a Microfridge will not be offered through a third party vendor. However, every apartment includes a refridgerator/freezer as part of the standard kitchen accomodations, as well as stove/oven. Microwaves are not provided and would need to be brought by a resident at move-in. Mini-fridges are also permitted for residents to bring for their rooms in on-on campus apartments (Not Nexus). 

Did residents previously need to lease one of these units from a vendor on their own?

Yes! Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, Microfridges have become part of the standard amenities installed in the traditional residence halls without the need for an additional contract with a 3rd party vendor. 

Can a traditional residence hall room have more than one Microfridge?

No. Only one microfridge unit will be installed in each traditional residence hall room. An exception will only be made in the case of an approved accommodation based on medical documentation provided to the Accessibility Services, as well as the available space in a room assignment. Most residence hall rooms can only safely accommodate one Microfridge. 

If I have my own mini fridge and microwave, can I bring those instead?

No, not in the traditional residence halls (non-apartments). The combination appliance, commonly referred to as microfridge, comes equipped with technology that manages the power draw of the entire unit from one single source and ensures the rear outlet never draws too much power, which could trip a circuit breaker.  This is an important feature when we are talking about installing hundreds of these units in each building. In addition, the unit comes standard with other very beneficial features, such as a smoke sensor that will shut off the microwave if it senses something burning, as well as multiple charging ports for devices such as cell phones.

Non-Nexus apartment complexes are permitted to bring a mini-fridge and other kitchen appliances as per the Housing policies.