Room Changes

Room Changes

Room Change/Swap Requests

Students will be notified if the Fall Online Room Change Waitlist Process opens.

How to complete an online room change: (Only allowed during the designated Room Change period)

•Log into

•Once in MyHousing on the main page under “room selection” you will see you are eligible for “Room Changes – Upperclass

•Click on “select a room/suite”

View vacancies using the hall or gender of room feature.  If you do not use the gender filter you may or may not have a direct roommate of the opposite gender.

•Once you find a room you want, click “I agree – submit my room selection”

•You will receive a confirmation via email that your room selection process is complete.

What happens if I change my room but want to go back to my original room?

Room changes are happening in real-time. If you select a room and are not happy with it, log back into the room change process and see if your original space is still available. If so, you can select it. If it is not, it means that someone else has logged in and selected your former space. If this happens, unfortunately, the housing office will be unable to remove the new student from your former space. Please make sure before you change your room, that you are sure you want the room changed!

What if I want to swap beds with someone?

•Click on “Housing Applications & Forms (select term)” on the top menu in MyHousing

•Complete the application

•The person you want to swap with must also complete this form

•Housing staff will complete the swap once both requests are submitted and notify you of your completed room swap via your Rowan email address.

What if I want a room change after the online process closes?

Once the online process closes, room changes will only be made for emergent situations. Contact your Resident Director to discuss your concern/situation.

How to Resolve Roommate Concerns

Below are options residents can explore if they are having roommate concerns:

1. Talk with your roommate:  Sometimes small issues arise which are left unresolved that lead to larger roommate concerns. When little things arise, bring it to your roommates' attention and agree on a better way you will handle the same situation in the future. Make sure any changes you make to your roommate contract are updated on the contract itself. Residential staff can assist with this process.

2. Talk with your RA:  If you are not quite sure how to approach this conversation with your roommate, contact your Resident Assistant for advice and guidance.

3. Meet with your Resident Director or Residential Learning Coordinator:  Sometimes issues that arise between roommates can be easily resolved through mediation or open communication with a neutral third party. Our graduate and professional staff members are trained to assist residents with dealing with some of these difficult and awkward situations. If you have any concerns or issues, please contact your Resident Director or Residential Learning Coordinator and set up a meeting to explore your options.

4. If the above three (3) steps have proved unsuccessful, you may submit a room change/room swap request. 

 Online Room Change Waitlist Process

How to join a waitlist (NOT room swap request)

  • Log into
  • Click “Room Selection/Roommate Matching”
  • Select “Room Change Request”
  • Select the waitlist you would like to be on and add comments
  • Click submit
  • View current position on waitlist

How to interpret your waiting list number

If your priority is 10, this means there are 9 people ahead of you on the waitlist for the same housing preference(s).

How to cancel a room change request

  • Log into
  • Click on “Room Selection/Roommate Matching”
  • Click on “Room Change Request”
  • View Waiting List
  • Select the minus symbol to remove yourself 
  • Select “Yes” to confirm your removal

Our office receives a large quantity of room change/room swap requests daily. Room change requests are reviewed regularly throughout each semester, and are offered to students who have requested a room change based on their position on the waitlist and the availability of spaces we have to offer.

Please note: Not all room change requests will be approved due to lack of availability and the large amount of requests received within an academic year.

If we are able to meet your request and we have room available to offer you, you will receive an email to your Rowan email address informing you of this information as well as the hall/room location you can accept to be re-assigned to.

You must set up an appointment and respond to the Department of Residential Learning and University Housing by the date listed in the email. Your room change will be unable to occur if you fail to respond by the date indicated in the email and/or if you fail to schedule an appointment within the allotted time given.

What if I want to swap beds with someone?

  • Click on “Housing Applications & Forms (term)” on the top menu in MyHousing
  • Complete the application
  • The person you want to swap with must also complete this form
  • Housing staff will complete the swap once both requests are submitted and notify you of your completed room swap via your Rowan email address


If you have any questions, please contact our office at (856) 256-4266 Ext. 1 or email us at