Edgewood Park Apartments

Edgewood Park Apartments

Edgewood Park Apartments Description

Edgewood Park Apartments


  • Type: 2-bedroom Apartment Complex
  • Year Constructed: 1973
  • Occupancy: approximately 372 Students in 95 apartments
  • Buildings: 4
  • Floors: 3
  • Elevators: No
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Co-ed: Yes (Single or Mixed Gender Apartments Available)
  • Who Lives Here: Upper-class residents 
  • What's Nearby: Chestnut Hall, Magnolia Hall, Willow Hall, Gazebo Area, Beach Volleyball Court, Basketball Courts, Intramural Field (Managed by Recreation Center), Mimosa Hall, Mimosa Computer Lab, Rec Center, Student Center, Library


Where am I located?

Complex Features & Amenities: 

  • In Hall Staff: 1 Resident Director, 8 Resident Assistants
  • Housekeeping Services: Clean quads and stairwells directly outside of each apartment door.
  • Laundry Room: No laundry room in the complex., Laundry facilities are located in the ground floor of the Student Center
  • Benches and bike racks located in front of each building
  • Large green space between and behind the individual apartment buildings.
  • Parking: For the most current policies and information about residential parking on campus, please follow this link to Rowan Parking Services.
  • Mailboxes: Located in clusters in the center of the complex; mailbox keys are distributed to each resident at move-in.
  • Trash Removal: There are trash and recycling dumpster enclosures located in front of each building. Students are responsible for bringing their trash and recycling material to dumpster locations.
  • A single key is distributed to each resident, which allows access to your apartment main entrance and assigned bedroom only. 

Apartment Features & Amenities Include: 

  • Central air conditioning/heating- resident controlled thermostat
  • WiFi (Wireless internet access available throughout the apartment)
  • Overhead lighting throughout
  • Wired for Rowan Network
  • Wired for Cable Television
  • Telephone: Land line telephones have been removed from all residence halls for lack of use, however they are available upon request. Active room telephone lines provide local calling only and require a calling card for long distance. Most residents rely on cell phones.
  • Carpeted bedrooms and living room
  • Tiled kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Windows with screens and blinds
  • Furnished living room and dining area
  • Kitchen with stove/oven and refrigerator
  • Trash and recycling containers provided for kitchen use
  • Bathroom with tub/shower
  • Vanity area outside of the bathroom with mirrors and under sink cabinet storage
  • 4 students reside in each apartment with double occupancy bedrooms. There are some occasions where 3 students live in an apartment, but only if it is an RA apartment (RA is in the single bedroom).
  • Average size of bedrooms: 183 square feet
  • Mixed gender apartments are permitted in this complex.
  • For descriptions and quantities of the standard furniture provided for each room type, please visit this link to furniture description page.


Floor Plans: