Cable TV

Cable TV

Cable TV & WiFi

Cable & Streaming TV

Rowan University provides students with TV service through Apogee’s Stream2. You can stream Stream2 on your computer or mobile device, or access it via legacy coaxial cable connections in certain residence halls. The following residential areas are equiped with an active coaxial cable wall connection: Holly Pointe Commons, Edgewood Park Apartments, Rowan Boulevard Apartments, the Townhouses and the Whitney Center. All other buildings, not including Nexus Apartments, would utlize the Apogee Stream2 service, or connect other devices to the Rowan Network to utilize personal streaming subscriptions.

For more details and instructions, visit the IRT web page on cable TV and review IRT’s article on Cable TV service at Rowan

WiFi Access

Laptops, Phones & Tablets

RowanWiFi is the easiest way to get online at Rowan University. To connect your laptop, phone or tablet to RowanWiFi:

  1. Select RowanWiFi
  2. Log in with your Rowan NetID

You’ll be asked to reauthenticate to RowanWiFi every 90 days. For more information, visit IRT’s wireless networking page.

You can also connect your computer to the wired network on campus, but your computer must meet certain security requirements, including antivirus software. For more information, visit IRT’s wired networking page.  

Gaming Consoles 

You can wirelessly connect Playstations, Rokus, Apple TVs and other entertainment devices to the internet through RowanWiFi. You’ll need to know your device’s MAC address and register it at Once those steps are complete, you can connect your device to the RowanWiFi network.

For more information, review IRT’s article on connecting gaming consoles and other devices to RowanWiFi

Username & Password Issues

To activate your Rowan NetID for the first time or update your password, visit

Need Help?

Visit IRT’s website for technical support options and current hours.