Room Selection

Room Selection

Room Selection Process

The Returning Student Room Selection Process for Fall 2024 is now over. Students who applied after the deadline will be assigned housing.

The deadline for current students to apply for housing and roommate match was March 1. Students who missed the deadline had the opportunity to participate in the Make-Up Selection and were eligible to match with other students in the Make-Up Round.

*Please note: This process is for continuing (returning) students and Fall 2024 admits only. All incoming first-year students are assigned. Transfer students select their room at a later date in the summer. Spring 2025 applicants will not select their rooms and will be assigned housing based on availability.  

Continuing Student Room Selection Process

The Continuing Student Room Selection Process consists of 3 steps:

Complete the Housing Application  There is no deadline to complete the application however, to participate in Roommate Matching, you must apply by the specified date.

Roommate Matching – students who have completed the application by the deadline will be instructed to complete their roommate selections via MyHousing by the specified date. Please remember students must mutually match each other in order to go through room selection together.

Room Selection – students who have completed the application by the deadline will receive an email confirmation and further instructions on the room selection process! 


Gender-inclusive housing options are available!  Please make sure you check out for more information on gender-inclusive housing!

Housing Selection Rounds

The process of selecting housing will happen in several phases. Kindly mark your calendars and ensure that you are available during your assigned selection round. Please keep in mind that you can only participate in one selection round. If you are unable to participate in your assigned selection round, you will be included in the make-up round scheduled for April 24th.


Class Level Selection Round: 

The selection rounds will be based on either the total banner credits of the student or group members. The selection time slots will be determined by the lowest member of the group's total credit hours. You will be assigned to a specific selection round based on this information. During your designated round, you will be provided with a specific time slot to make your selection.

  • Graduate & Senior Round (90+ Credits)
  • Junior Selection Round (58-89 Credits)
  • Sophomore Selection Round (0-57 Credits)

Considerations when Roommate Matching: 

When determining class standing for the room selection process, we take into account the credits that you have already earned as well as the credits you are currently enrolled in for the spring 2024 term. Summer 2024 credits are not taken into consideration in this process. 

  • Students with 0-57 credits are considered “sophomores.”
  • Students with 58-89 credits are considered “juniors.”
  • Students with 90+ credits are considered “seniors.”

*Honors Selection (Prior Interest MUST be completed via the Housing portal only available to current Honor Students) 

*Sel-C Selection (Must be a part of the Engineering Learning Community in HPC)