Summer/Winter Housing

Summer/Winter Housing

Summer 2022 University Housing

All policies and procedures are outlined under the Housing Contract Terms of Agreement and Conditions in the Residential Learning & University Housing Handbook

The Rowan University Summer Housing program runs from Saturday, May 14th (earliest possible date you may be eligible for summer housing, contingent on the ability to successfully prepare summer apartments at the conclusion of the spring term) to Friday, July 29th (latest possible date individuals with fall 2022 housing assignments will be eligible to remain in summer housing). Friday, August 5th is the latest possible date that individuals without fall 2022 housing assignments will be permitted to remain in summer housing.


Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 Nexus Residents – No summer housing options are available in Nexus this summer. If you wish to live on campus this summer, you must apply through this housing application and live in the below locations designated for summer housing.


Below you will find the summer housing location(s) and the daily rates associated with each facility:

Facility                                                           Rate (proposed)

Townhouses                                                     $33 per day                                                         

Note: Housing rates have NOT been approved by the Board of Trustees at this time. It is projected to be voted on in April. When rates are finalized they will be updated on our website at 

These rates shall not apply to clients renting the use of these facilities through the office of Conference and Event Services.                                        

Check-in and Check-out Information

Below is the summer check-in and check-out schedule.  These are the dates that staff will be available to check you in and out of your summer housing assignment.  You will be permitted to select the check-in and check-out date within the housing application that best meets your needs and you will be billed for summer housing based on the dates you select in your housing application.  Please note these dates were selected for a structured move-in experience with the summer academic calendar in mind. Check in and out will run from 10am - 2pm on the below dates at the Townhouse Community Center unless otherwise indicated:

Options for Checking in

Options for Checking out

Saturday, May 14th

Friday, July 29th (10am - 2pm)* End of summer for those with fall housing assignments

Saturday, May 28th

Friday, August 5th (10am - 2pm)* End of summer for those without fall housing assignments

Saturday, June 25th

Alternate departure dates can be selected in the summer application, as long as they are prior to August 5th. *See details below. 

Saturday, July 2nd


Alternate arrival dates can be selected in the summer application, as long as they are after May 14th. *See details below.



*If you select  an alternate  date in your housing application for your check in/out dates please keep in mind the following:

  • If you select an alternate check-in date that is Monday - Friday, you will need to check in during normal business hours between 9am - 4pm in the Housing Office in Savitz Hall.
    • If you do not arrive during regular business hours, you will need to wait to check in with the RA on duty at 8pm at the Townhouse Community Center.
  • You cannot select to check in on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or a Sunday as staff will not be available to assist you.
  • If you select an alternate check-out date other than July 29th or August 5th, instructions for completing your check-out will be sent to you during the summer.
  • Please note, the Summer housing program ENDS on August 5th, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. All summer housing must be completely vacant by August 5th at the latest to ensure the ability to prepare the Townhouse complex for Fall 2022 housing assignments. No requests for extensions will be considered.

Summer Housing Application 

To apply for summer 2022 housing:

  • ​Log into
  • Click on the “Housing Applications & Forms” tab on the left side of the screen
  • Select the Summer 2022 Housing Application from the drop down menu
  • Complete the application
  • Students who successfully submit their application will receive confirmation via their Rowan email address​

Roommate Requests

If you are interested in having a roommate(s), your roommate(s) must 1) have completed a  summer housing application and 2) you both will need to ensure you mutually select one another by Friday, April 15, 2022 at 9am as roommates by following the below instructions: 

  • Log into
  • Click on the “Room Selection/Roommate Matching” from the left side of the screen
  • Click “Select Roommates”
  • Select “Summer 2022” from the “for the term” dropdown
  • Search for desired roommate(s), view roommate requests, as well as pending roommate requests


You can search for roommates by their first name and last name, or certain criteria in the housing application such as personal preferences.  Remember your roommate request(s) must verify/accept the request via MyHousing for the group to be fully matched. 

  • If someone has requested you as a roommate, you must decline or accept their request

Cancellation Policy

The Terms and Conditions of the summer housing contract stipulate that students are financially obligated to the contract until a request to cancel is approved by the University.  To submit your request to cancel your housing assignment:

  1. Log onto
  2. Select the application to cancel (Summer 2022)
  3. Select from the dropdown menu "cancel/withdraw this application” and click submit.
  4. Read over the cancellation contract/information.
  5. At the bottom of the screen you may select “No, do not cancel this application” or “Yes, cancel this application” from the drop-down.  
    • If “Yes, cancel this application” is selected you must select a reason from the 2nd drop-down menu.  
    • Add additional notes regarding reasons for cancellation.  
    • Click submit and a confirmation will appear that the cancellation request has gone through.​

Disability Accommodations

Students requiring disability-related accommodations affecting their housing must apply and submit supporting documentation to the Office of Accessibility Resouces by Friday, April 15th at 9am. Failure to meet this deadline may limit the ability of the University to reserve housing space meeting their needs. Questions should be directed to the Office of Accessibility Resources at 856-256-4259.  They are located on the 3rd floor of Savitz Hall.

Prior to Move-In

A student’s bill must be fully paid prior to move in day.  For more information contact the Bursar’s Office at 856-256-4150.  They are located on the 1st floor of Savitz Hall.