Mimosa Hall

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Mimosa Hall

Mimosa Hall Description


  • Type: Traditional Residence Hall
  • Year Constructed: 1967
  • Occupancy: Approximately 310 students
  • Floors: 4
  • Elevators: No
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Co-ed: Yes (Gender Specific Suites)
  • Who Lives Here: Predominately First-Year
  • What's Nearby: Student Center, Rec Center, Campbell Library, Intramural Fields, computer lab on site, academic buildings.

Location on Campus:

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Hall Features & Amenities: 

  • In Hall Staff: 1 Community Director, 8 Community Assistants
  • Housekeeping: Clean common hallways, Public Restrooms, and Main Lounge on a regular basis.
  • Main Lounge: 2 Large TVs, Furnished, Piano, Community Kitchen
  • Mimosa Computer Lab: Connected to building
  • First Floor: Resident Director Office, Public Restrooms, Vending Machines
  • Laundry Room: Located at the end of the central hallways on each floor
  • Courtyard: Benches, Bike Racks
  • WiFi (Wireless internet access available throughout the building)
  • Parking: For the most current policies and information about residential parking on campus, please follow this link to Rowan Parking Services.
  • Trash Removal: There are dumpsters located in the Mimosa Parking Lot (Lot W). Students are responsible for bringing their trash bags to dumpster locations. Trash is hauled on a daily basis. Housekeeping staff removes trash from all common areas and public restrooms.
  • Each resident’s Rowan ID card will give them access to the main entrance of the building.
  • A single key is distributed to each resident, which allows access to your gender-specific suite and bedroom. 

Suite Features & Amenities: 

  • Mimosa Hall is arranged into 4 floors of suites, assigned by gender. Each suite has two to three bedrooms joined by a common bathroom.
  • Suite Bathrooms: Tile flooring, large mirror, 2 sinks, 1 standing shower, and 1 toilet.
  • Mimosa residents enjoy a more private bathroom within their suite, shared by only the residents of the suite. Because of its location, it is the responsibility of the residents in each suite to clean and stock their own bathroom. RLUH staff are available to assist suitemates in developing and agree to a cleaning schedule. 

mimosa student computer lab

Room Features & Amenities: 

  • Mimosa Hall has single and double occupancy rooms located throughout the building
  • Average Size of double rooms 164 square feet
  • Average size of single rooms: 145 square feet
  • Telephone: Landline telephones have been removed from all residence halls for lack of use, however, they are available upon request. Active room telephone lines provide local calling only and require a calling card for long distance. Most residents rely on cell phones.
  • Carpet: No
  • Overhead Lighting: No- It is recommended for Mimosa residents to bring a floor lamp and/or desk lamp. There is a wall switch that does control an outlet, which can be used for lighting.
  • Wired for Rowan Network
  • Wired for Cable Television
  • Wifi in room: Yes
  • Windows with screens and blinds
  • For descriptions and quantities of the standard furniture provided for each room type, please visit this link to a furniture description page

Floor Plans: