Meal Plans and Dining Services

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Meal Plans and Dining Services

Meal Plans and Dining Services

The Fall 2024 Meal Plan Selection date will be posted soon!

Note: Students who are living in an apartment ARE NOT REQUIRED to have a meal plan.

On behalf of Gourmet Dining’s staff at Rowan University, we are pleased to welcome you to an exciting year on campus! We will be kicking off this semester with a plethora of delicious dining options that will help make your academic experience even more enjoyable. The Dining Service Guide has been designed especially for you, the Rowan student! It will act as your “map” to all dining services across campus throughout the year. The Dining Services office is located in Room 104 in the Chamberlain Student Center.

Dining Services Hours of Operation

For hours of operation, please visit the Gourmet Dining website, here:

Gourmet Dining

For general information, please visit the Gourmet Dining website, here:

Card Services

If you are experiencing any problems with using your meal plan, please contact RowanCard Services for assistance. The office is located in Room 245 of the Savitz Hall.  You can also contact them via email at or call them at 856-256-4663.

How to Select a Meal Plan

  • Log on to 
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on My Housing
  • Click Dining tab
  • Click select/change my plan
  • Select the appropriate term to change

Eligibility & Minimum Meal Plan Purchases

New first-time residential students who live in a traditional residence hall, must have a 14-meal swipe per week plan at the minimum. Students may also select the All-Access meal plan.

Returning students who reside in a traditional residence hall may purchase a 7-meal swipe per week plan or higher.

Students who reside in traditional residence halls who do not select an appropriate meal plan, or fail to select one altogether, will be assigned and billed for the minimum required plan prior to the start of the spring semester. 

Residential students who reside in apartments, and commuter students, are permitted to select block plans.

*If you purchase the All Access meal plan you will see 2 meal plans load onto your RowanCard. All Access MP and All Access Retail.

All Access MP allows you to go in and out of Glassworks Eatery as many times as you want in any meal period. But you will need to wait until the next meal period to use any Grubhub/retail location on campus.

If you chose not to go to Glasswork Eatery during a meal period, you can use 1 All Access Retail meal swipe during the meal period instead. You will then be locked out of using another meal swipe until the next period.

Meal Plan Cancellations and Changes

You may change your meal plan (up or down) to a plan that suits you best during the first two weeks of the semester. There is a full refund for cancellations through week 2 of the semester, with the exception of Rowan Bucks and Dining Dollars spent. There will be no refunds issued after the deadline.

Students may change to a higher weekly plan (10-meal plan, 14-meal plan, or All-Access) at any time (pro-rated after the 2nd week).

The 30 and 60 Block plans will be refunded on a meal remaining basis until the end of the second week, after which there will be no refund for remaining unused meals. Students may purchase additional block plans throughout the semester.

Unspent Rowan Bucks carry from semester to semester, however, Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year. In addition, meals associated with block plans expire at the end of each semester.


The deadline to select your Meal Plan for the Spring 2024 Semester was December 10, 2023. If you failed to select, you were assigned a minimum 7 Meal Plan for your account if you live in a traditional residence hall.  

If you have an active meal plan in the fall semester, you will be automatically charged for the same meal plan the following spring semester unless the student logs onto Banner Self-service and manually changes it over Winter Break. 
Students who are living in an apartment ARE NOT REQUIRED to have a meal plan.