Summer Book Club

Summer Book Club

2024 Summer Communities of Practice

This summer the Faculty Center, University Libraries, and the Division of DEI are partnering to offer a summer learning experience around the theme of “Teaching Self/Teaching Others.” The two streams for this year’s theme are:

Teaching Self: Marginalized Faculty & Staff Identities 

In this thread, practitioners can select from a variety of literature on faculty and staff identity in teaching and student-facing work, with a focus on equity, empowerment, and support for faculty and staff with marginalized identities. Your community of practice may choose to allow individuals to explore the area(s) of most interest to them, or may choose a common focus area of which to explore different aspects.

Click here to see curated reading list.

Teaching Others: Antiracist Pedagogies  

In this thread, practitioners can select among a range of recommended materials to become familiar with some of the overarching principles and best practices in antiracist pedagogy, or your community of practice may choose to delve deeper into a particular topic therein.

Click here to see curated reading list.

In this Communities of Practice (CoP) approach, groups might range from 2-10 members and can include faculty, librarians, staff, and administrators associated with teaching, learning, and advising. 


Regardless of the stream and route you choose (See below), all participants will have the opportunity to engage in these activities and earn each certificate.  

  • The Activities (3 required meetings and individual work)
    • Kickoff Meeting (Meeting 1): Group members will meet to discuss their prior knowledge about the content area, develop personal and collective goals for their community of practice, and select readings from their chosen stream’s curated list to read before the next meeting.
    • Independent Reading/Viewing/ListeningBetween the first and second meetings, participants will read common text and learn from personally-selected readings/podcasts/videos.
    • Discussion (Meeting 2): Participants will engage in semi-structured discussion of the readings. Self-led groups may use questions recommended in the facilitator’s guide or may discuss questions/topics collaboratively determined by group members. This discussion might end with a synthesis of the conversation as it unfolded to support reflection on how group members might apply their learning in preparation for the final meeting.
    • Creating a PlanHaving reflected on the themes, ideas, and questions that emerged from the readings and group dialogue, participants will create brief plans for implementing what they’ve learned. The plans should be implemented in Fall 24 and/or Spring 25.
    • Applying Our Learning (Meeting 3): Participants will meet one final time to share how they plan to apply what they’ve learned in their teaching.
  • The Certificates
    • Learn: Summer 2024 Communities of Practice
      • Participate in all 3 meetings.
      • Submit your plan to the Faculty Center for Fall 24 and/or Spring 25 (via a short Google form).
    • Enact: Summer 2024 Communities of Practice 
      • Earn the Learn certificate.
      • Enact your plan and share with the Faculty Center the results of enacting your plan. (via a short Google form).
    • Share: Summer 2024 Communities of Practice 
      • Earn the Learn certificate.
      • Share your plan and/or the results of enacting your plan in a public venue outside of your CoP (e.g., a conference, a PD session in your department or through the Faculty Center, in applying for a grant, drafting an article)

How It Works 

  • You pick a Stream.
  • You pick a Route:
    • Route 1: Register for one or more of the facilitated Communities of Practice: 
      • Marginalized Instructor Identities 
        • Where: Virtual
        • When:  Mondays from 10am–11am: July 22nd, July 29th, and August 5th
      • Antiracist Pedagogies
        • Where: Virtual
        • When:  Tuesdays from 10am—11am: July 16th, July 23rd, & July 30th 
    • Route 2: If your schedule doesn’t fit either of the facilitated Communities of Practice or you just want to facilitate your own Community of Practice:
      • Find 1 or more colleagues/friends to agree to participate in a community of practice with you.
        • Decide on the dates and times you will meet (Must be completed by August 31st.)
        • Decide how you will meet (virtual, hybrid, in-person).
      • Complete one registration form for your group. 
      • Once you do that, the Faculty Center will:
        • Reach out to your members and get them registered for your community.
        • Send you a Facilitator’s Guide for your stream and answer any questions you have.
  • You engage with your Community of Practice!

Sign up here ( by June 30th.