Lunch with Provost

Lunch with Provost

Lunch with the Provost

Our Provost, Tony Lowman, hosts an informal faculty/professional staff lunch in the Provost's conference room, Bole Hall from 12:30-1:45 p.m. The purpose of the lunch is for faculty and professional staff to discuss issues, raise questions, or to have general conversations about activities and initiatives at Rowan. Conversations are open and the agenda is determined by the faculty/staff in attendance.

Faculty and professional staff are invited by e-mail invitation from the Faculty Center. Due to limited seating, participants are randomly selected to receive an invitation. Invitations will be issued for the dates below:

Wednesday, January 24 - Full Professor
Monday, February 26 - Instructors and Lecturers
Tuesday, March 5 - Dept Chairs
Tuesday, April 4 - Newly Tenured Faculty 


 Updated 1/19/24