Mid-Semester Focus

Mid-Semester Focus

Mid-Semester Focus

The MSF on teaching and learning is a mid-semester evaluation technique that provides instructors with rich and meaningful feedback from their students regarding the learning environment in a course. The process is entirely voluntary and data confidential.

How does it work?
A trained faculty consultant from the Faculty Center contacts the instructor prior to the group to discuss basic course information and any concerns the instructor might have about the course. The consultant then comes to the class and spends 30-45 minutes conducting the focus group with the class. During the session, the consultant guides the students through a discussion based on these questions related to learning:

  • What is working in this class?
  • What is not working?
  • What are some suggestions you have to improve this class?
  • What are YOU doing that is working for you?
  • What are you NOT doing?
  • What could you do to improve your learning in this course?

The students explore these questions individually and in small groups, write their responses on the board, and then the consultant facilitates a discussion with all of the students regarding the information on the board. After the session, the consultant meets with the instructor to discuss the feedback. 

Feedback obtained from the session can be used to enhance classroom interactions, student learning, and teaching strategies. Most importantly, the instructor receives feedback during the semester, when the instructor can engage students in the feedback loop, not at the end of the semester when the students have moved on. ( Benefits of Talking with Students about Mid-Course Evaluations by Maryellen Weimer, PhD.)

Available MSFs Times for Spring 2019 for those interested.
Space is limited.

Week 6 is February 25 through March 1
Week 7 is March 4 through March 8
Week 8 is March 11 through March 15
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For questions, please contact Natalie Kautz (kautzn@rowan.edu) in the Faculty Center.