President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Instructional Delivery

President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Instructional Delivery

President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Instructional Delivery

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Award Description:

The President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Instructional Delivery is designed to recognize faculty who have gone above and beyond to adapt to an ever-changing classroom environment, or who have provided outstanding contributions to online learning via coursework, programs, or certificates.

Each academic year, one $1000 award is given to an individual, and one $2000 award is given to a team. The award money must be spent on professional development and used by June 30 of the following year (14 months later). 

Previous Winners


  • All full-time faculty (pre-tenure, tenure track, and non-tenure track) in any year of service 
  • All part-time faculty members
  • All adjunct faculty members
  • Any course delivery method at (in-person, hybrid, online, etc.)
  • Professional staff or librarians in a teaching role
  • Glassboro, Camden, and Stratford campuses
  • Has not received this award in the last three years
  • Course from the past year (summer, fall, this spring)

Nomination Process:

  • Nomination deadline is March 1. Nominations will not be accepted after the deadline. 
  • May be nominated by
    • A peer
    • An administrator
    • Self-nomination 
    • A student
  • Nominations will be submitted online via a Google Form which includes:
    • Name of person nominating
    • Department of person nominating
    • Name of nominee
    • Department of nominee
    • Email of nominee
    • Reason for nomination
  • Nominees will be given further instructions for applying.


Including, but not limited to, demonstration of innovative ways for instruction using:

  • Novel methods to foster student learning and development
  • Promising practices of pedagogical techniques
  • Creative student engagement techniques that impact student learning

Application Process:

  • Application Deadline is March 25. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 
  • After being nominated, and in order to be considered, applicants will submit a Google Form (one form for individual applications, and another form for team applications) which includes:
    • Name
    • Department
    • Role or rank
    • Name of the course (or courses) to be considered, course number, section number
    • Course delivery method (In-person, Hybrid, Online, Other: _____)
    • (one PDF upload) A statement that describes the specific innovation and how the course instruction meets the criteria of the award (maximum one page) Include examples (screenshots, videos, etc.) and evidence of the impact this has had on student learning on subsequent pages 

Updated 4/6/22