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The Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning creates appropriate connections across campus in order to facilitate individuals’ growth as engaged university citizens and serves faculty, supporting offices, and the institution in pursuit of teaching, scholarship and creative excellence.  


Check out these small grant opporutnities!!!

Research Funds for Diversity, Inclusion and Educational Reform

The deadline for submission is March 31, 2018:

The Office of the President and the Division of University Research are collaborating on research funding opportunities titled the Research Experience for Diversity and Inclusion (REDI). The REDI Program for faculty and staff will award five grants of $5,000 annually for research ideas that promote diversity and inclusion, while enhancing the research mission.

The REDI Program for students will award five grants of $2,500 annually, which can be extended for a maximum of three years for research activities by students who have a passion for research, a demonstrated need and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In addition, the Office of the President, the Division of University Research, the Provost’s office and the Revolutionizing Engineering Diversity (RevED) grant will award five grants of $5,000 annually to instructors through the Program for Inclusive Pedagogy and Educational Reform (PIPER). PIPER will fund efforts that promote inclusive teaching, class content, curricular reform and assessment so that students from diverse backgrounds learn better.

Please click here for detailed instructions  for proposal submission and evaluation criteria.

All awards will be peer reviewed and competitive.



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