Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards

Please consider applying for the many award and grant opportunities provided by the Faculty Center (see below).

Other Grants


2020-2021 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Competition Opens

The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program offers teaching, research and combination teaching/research awards in over 130 countries for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators as well as for professionals, artists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, independent scholars and many others. The application deadline is September 16th, 2019.

Explore award opportunities by using the Catalog of Awards. Highlights from the over 450 awards offered in this year’s competition.

If you have questions about the application process, feel free to contact Bruce Plourde ( in the English Department.

Here are our current grant and award winners.

Wall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching and/or Advising

Each year, the Faculty Center asks graduates to appoint faculty to the Wall of Fame for two separate categories, teaching and/or advising.

Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award - January deadline

The purpose of the award is to honor one permanent faculty member with an outstanding record of teaching and a sustained record of commitment to student learning.

Frances S. Johnson Junior Faculty Innovative Teaching Award - June deadline

This award recognizes junior faculty who challenge their students in unique, important and interesting ways.

Frances R. Lax Fund for Faculty Development - October deadline

This fund provides stipends to probationary, full-time tenure track faculty who are in the second year of service for professional development activities

Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grant - September deadline

This grant is principally targeted to initiatives that are innovative, scalable, adaptable, and applicable to teaching with technology.

Junior Faculty Travel Fund - rolling deadline

This provides funding for additional travel support for all probationary faculty to present at a conference. Probationary faculty are all full time serving in the following capacities: pre-tenure faculty, pre-tenure Instructors, probationary Lecturers.