Current Winners

Current Winners

Faculty Spotlight - Current Grant and Award Winners

2022 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award for an Outstanding Record of Teaching

Congratulations to Smitesh Bakrania, Mechanical Engineering, Read the winning application.

2021-2022 Frances S. Johnson Junior Faculty Innovative Teaching Award

Congratulations to Doreen Fera, Writing Arts on being the 2021-22 winner of this award. Doreen is using multimodal composition journaling to engage and empower first-year writing students during the pandemic.

2021-2022 Frances R. Lax Fund for Faculty Development Winners

Congratulations to all the 2021-22 Frances R. Lax Fund for Faculty Development winners.

November 2021 President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Instructional Delivery Winners 

Congratulations to the members of a faculty team in the Experiential Engineering Education Department at the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering: Cheryl Bodnar, PhD; Melissa Montalbo-Lomboy, PhD; Sujata Bhatia, MD, PhD; and Cayla Ritz, MS. 

2019-2020 Junior Faculty Travel Grant Awardees 

Congratulations to the 26 faculty members (tenure track - 20 & lecturers - 6) for a total of $31258.66. In most cases, the travel money supported conference presentations.    

2019-2020 Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grant Winners

Congratulations to James Grinias, College of Science and Mathematics, Chemistry & Biochemistry, ”“Flipped Homework” Using Video Capture and Augmented Reality”and the team of Sarah Bauer, Mohammad Jalayer, Cheng Zhu and Gilson Lomboy, Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Developing Innovative, Adaptable Video and Animation Learning Modules for the Civil Engineering Classroom”

To learn more about their projects, go to the Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grant page.


 Updated 3/16/22