Foundations of DEI Certificate Level One

Foundations of DEI Certificate Level One

Foundations of DEI Certificate Level One

We're pleased to announce our new and approved Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate Level One! The new Foundational DEI Certificate Level One consists of four modules. 

Module 1: Identity and Culture 

In this first module, participants develop a nuanced understanding of the concepts of identity and culture. Considering social identity categories, personal traits, and social roles, participants examine their own identities and examine how identities may change over time. Drawing from a cultural orientations model, participants will map their own cultural orientations to consider how our cultures and identities inform one another.

Module 2: Identity, Culture and Conflict 

Building upon the core concepts introduced in the first module, Module 2, “Identity, Culture, and Conflict,” considers ways that individuals may experience oppression or conflict due to differences in identity and culture. Participants will learn about intersectionality and will practice intersectional analysis to notice how individuals representing multiple identity categories may experience oppression differently from those representing only one marginalized identity. Further, participants will learn about the intercultural development continuum, practicing skills to move from a monocultural to an intercultural mindset.
Module 3: Systems of Power 
Module 3, “Systems of Power,” offers participants an opportunity to learn about systems of oppression and the agency of individuals within those systems. Exploring the concept of privilege, participants build upon their familiarity with identity and intersectionality from the first two modules to note how individuals gain advantage and disadvantage within systems of oppression. Next, we turn to the concept of bias, noting how biases are one way that individuals may wittingly or unwittingly participate in systems of power. Finally, participants learn strategies that individuals and institutions can use to confront bias and work toward greater equity and inclusion for all.
Module 4: Resistance and Allyship
In our final module, “Resistance and Allyship,” participants learn the important distinction between what it means to be an “ally” versus an “accomplice.” Activities allow participants an opportunity to practice strategies for allyship or accomplicing by responding to microaggressions and supporting specific communities. Participants are invited to reflect on their experience in the four modules, setting specific goals for applying their learning in their personal and professional lives. Facilitators will introduce opportunities available in the next level of DEI professional development, which offers more advanced study in antiracist and inclusive pedagogies and practices. 


DEI Certificate
Rowan Employees and Students - Free 
Rowan Affiliates - $200/module ($800 for full Certificate)
RCBC & RCSJ Employees
Rowan PDS Network 
Alumni Board Members 
Rowan Alumni 
Non-Profit Employees 
General Public: $350/module (or discounted price of $1,100 for full Certificate, if registered for all 4 modules at once)
*To receive the discount, please register for all 4 modules and select Bill Me Later. A discounted invoice will be generated and emailed to you within two (2) business days. 

Summer 2024 Cohort

Module 1: Tuesday, May 28, 3-5pm
Module 2: Tuesday, June 4, 2-4pm
Module 3: Wednesday, June 12, 9-11am
Module 4: Monday, June 17, 9-11am


New 4-Module Certificate 

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strives to offer the best programming available. Based on feedback from the facilitators and previous participants, we have updated the certificate to be more interactive and comprehensive as a foundational DEI certificate. The 4-module format offers all of the important content from the 7-module format in a new and condensed way.  

Please see the table below for a description of how the content has been shifted. To complete the new module (i.e., module 2: Identity, Culture and Conflict) you must have completed all of the old modules (i.e., modules 1.1 and 1.3) within the new module category. For example, if someone completed Module 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 of the 7-module format, they will need to complete New Modules 1, 3, and 4 to complete the certificate (they will have to complete Module 3 still because they haven’t completed 1.5 of the 7-module format).  

New Module 1: Identity and Culture 

New Module 2: 
Identity, Culture and Conflict

New Module 3:
Systems of Power

New Module 4:
Resistance and Allyship

Old Module: 1.4

Old Modules: 1.1 & 1.3

Old Modules 1.2 & 1.5

Old Module: 1.6 & 1.7

If you have yet to complete the Foundations of DEI Certificate, please follow the link HERE to check which modules you need to complete in the 4-module certificate format.  If you are a Rowan University employee or student, please use your Rowan banner I.D. If you are a Rowan affiliate or external participant, please use your external banner I.D. (provided previously in an email to you).
Congratulations to those who have completed the Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate Level One! For a list of recipients, please click the link below.
List of DEI Certificate Recipients

DEI Certificate Module Training Requests

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