Student Sexual Misconduct/Title IX

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Student Sexual Misconduct/Title IX

Student Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Reporting Form 

Click Here to Report Sexual Misconduct or Harassment 

Click on the RED BUTTON if you wish to report an incident of Student Title IX Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault or Sexual Misconduct.  This will take you to the reporting form

Q: Is reporting the same as filing a formal complaint?

A: No, the reporting form allows you to report the alleged incident. Though reporting can be done by a third party, ONLY the individual who experienced the unwanted behavior can file the formal complaint as specified below. 

Filing a Formal Complaint
It is recommended that you speak with the Title IX Coordinator, if you are interested in filing a Formal Complaint. You may contact the Interim TitleIX Coordinator via email at or by phone at 856-256-5440/4562. Filing of a formal complaint will initiate the grievance process related to the reported allegations which includes initiating an investigation and/or initiating the informal resolution process. This Formal Complaint form should ONLY be completed by the Complainant, meaning the individual who experienced the unwanted behavior. 

If you are not the Complainant, OR are the Complainant and not yet ready to file a Formal Complaint, click on the red button to report alleged sexual harassment/sexual assault/sexual misconduct to the University.


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With the Police: 

You may choose to file a criminal complaint with the police.  

Call 911

Rowan University Department of Public Safety: 856-256-4922

Glassboro Police Department: 856-881-1500

You are not required to report the incident to the police. If you choose to do so, Rowan will provide you with support throughout the process.  Your decision to report to the police will not affect your ability to file a complaint through the University's procedures which are independent of the criminal process. 

You may file a complaint in the following ways:

File a report online:  

To learn more, see also FAQs on the policies governing sexual harassment and sexual assault.

For further assistance contact:

  • Joe Mulligan,  Interim Title IX Coordinator
    Office of Student Equity and Compliance
    Hawthorn Hall, Rm 312


  • Jennifer L. Neilio,  Investigator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
    Office of Student Equity and Compliance
    Hawthorn Hall, Rm 317

  • Margie Viggiano,  Program Facilitator
    Office of Student Equity and Compliance
    Hawhtorn Hall, Rm 315

You may also contact any of the following Campus POCs:


  • Penny Kempf, Associate Director of Athletics
    Esby Gym, Glassboro Campus

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University:

  • Marion Lombardi
    Chief Student Affairs Officer
    CMSRU Medical Building, Camden


  • Elizabeth Staib
    Student Affairs, Student Support Services
    CMSRU Medical Building, Camden

Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine:

  • Paula Watkins
    Assistant Dean of Admissions
    42 East Laurel Road
    Admissions Office, 113
    Stratford, NJ