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RTC's Spring 2021 Conference about Academic Integrity

The Rowan Teaching Connection (RTC) Spring 2021 Mini-Conference will offer an opportunity to discuss academic integrity. The mini-conference will occur on two half days, and will be fully virtual via Webex.

Please join us for one or both sessions. This is a great way to get some extra professional development for your tenure, recontracting, or promotion packets! 

Complete this Google Form to RSVP. Once you submit the form, you'll receive the WebEx event information (be ready to cut-and-paste).

RTC Conference Part 2: Academic Integrity Violations and RESPONSE Strategies
April 30, 9:30 - 11:00 am via WebEx

For more details see the Rowan Teaching Connection web page.

Missed RTC Conference Part 1: Academic Integrity Violations and PREVENTION Strategies? The recording from April 9th is available here.

Spring 2021 - The Faculty Center presents - Remote Learning: How will I know my students are engaged and learning? 

Last of the 4-part virtual professional development workshop series presented by Jill Perry, Ph.D, Associate Professor, STEAM Department, College of Education, will be March 26 & March 30. For more information and to sign up using our google form, GO HERE.

New! The Faculty Center’s Kaltura MediaSpace

The Faculty Center has a Kaltura MediaSpace (similar to a YouTube channel) where you can find recordings of our recent sessions on pedagogy, tenure and recontracting, and information sessions. View our Videos. Subscribe to our Channel. Current Videos: T&R Process, T&R Packet Design, Student Interaction with Surface Go, Webex/Zoom and Whiteboard, Encouraging Students to go "Cameras On", Setting the Tone and Expectations for Student Engagement.

Maintaining Academic Integrity & prevention strategies
- from Academic Affairs

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Look at these Wellness Guides

The Wellness Center has created these up-to-date electronic PDF files for faculty, staff, and students to use. Click the link above and you will see the three guides to help you and your students


1. Use this service - Class Practice

If you want to try out some technology, practice an activity or breakout rooms. Maybe you want to try out the technology in your classroom, or think about how to use the Surface Go you have. Try it with US before you do it with your students - WE CAN HELP!

To schedule a 30-minute session, go to https://www.picktime.com/classpractice and navigate to schedule a meeting. 

2. Set up Canvas for Spring 2021

Create your Spring 2021 shell and copy course content if necessary. 

Different ways to Copy your Existing Course: 

Please note that online and hybrid courses are managed by Rowan Online and the instructors of online/hybrid courses are not allowed to create or copy online shells directly. All non-medical faculty have the option to copy content from their previous term hyflex courses. There are several ways that a faculty member can copy content:

  • Copy the Entire Course when Creating the Course Shell
    During the Create Shell process in the Portal at online.rowan.edu (under My Courses), faculty are given the option to make a 100% Copy of any pre-existing Canvas course in which they were enrolled as instructor of record into the shell they are creating. The copy will not include any student data, but does include all course content and settings.
  • Copy Items from one Course to Another Course Anytime
    Faculty may copy any object (module, quiz, assignment, page, etc.) from any Canvas course to another if they are enrolled as an instructor in both courses. Details.
  • Copy the Entire Course or Items Anytime with Canvas Commons
    Canvas Commons allows faculty to share their course content between their own courses or with their colleagues. Share an entire course or specific items. Choose “only to me” for sharing permissions, which restricts sharing to the user alone.

Share Course Items with Colleagues

Use the “Send To” feature in Canvas to share specific objects (pages, assignments, quizzes, discussions, modules, etc.) with one or more specific users with a Rowan Canvas account. Details.

For more information about the transition to Canvas, visit go.rowan.edu/canvas. You can also find resources for teaching and working remotely at go.rowan.edu/remote​. ​


Updated 4/12/21 





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