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New Quizzes in Canvas Announcement Update (1/17/22)

The following is an update about the New Quizzes feature in Canvas and is being issued to provide clarification to Rowan Online’s previous New Quizzes announcement:

The New Quizzes feature is being offered as a soft pilot to faculty who are interested in giving it a try for the Spring 22 semester. We only recommend it if you are building new assessments from scratch. A process to migrate existing assessments is forthcoming. Interested faculty must contact support to opt-in using quizzes. Technical support will be provided by Rowan Online for its use. Faculty should note that as a new feature, it’s possible for New Quizzes to have minor bugs or limitations; please consider this when making a decision to participate in using this new feature. 

In the meantime, the “classic” Quizzes tool is still available and faculty will not be asked to migrate to the New Quizzes product until Rowan Online, in consultation with the Canvas vendor and Rowan University Canvas Governance, can develop a transition plan. Rowan Online hopes to have a plan finalized for later in the 2022 calendar year that will be implemented over the 2023 calendar year (these dates are tentative at this time). Faculty can expect periodic communications in the Rowan Announcer system and Canvas about updates regarding New Quizzes and the transition plan. 

For additional questions or to opt-into using New Quizzes, please contact support@rowan.edu.  

Spring 2022 Academic Integrity Workshop Recording

On January 11, 2022, the Academic Integrity Workshop (01:37:41), which was sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Faculty Center, and Rowan Teaching Connection (RTC), presented a comprehensive overview of academic integrity, to guide you on how to be more proactive within your instruction to help students avoid committing academic integrity violations.

New PD Opportunity...

Faculty Innovation in Student Success: Learn & Return

Faculty Innovation in Student Success is designed to offer professional development. The goal is for faculty to learn and return; implementing the credentialing course content into their interactions with students (formal and informal teaching and learning platforms). This opportunity is for faculty to adapt microcredential content into their practice. You will receive tuition for enrollment in an online credential.  

Digital Literacy Guide

This resource was created Spring 2021 by the Teaching Web Literacy in a Digital World FLC. It serves as record of the Digital Literacy FLC's meetings and as a starting point for further work in digital literacy at Rowan. The Digital Literacy Guide pages include: 

  • Core materials and discussion prompts used in the theme-based monthly meetings
  • Themes and ideas that emerged from our discussions
  • Related teaching ideas and activities
  • Additional resources

Look at these Wellness Guides

The Wellness Center has created these up-to-date electronic PDF files for faculty, staff, and students to use. Click the link above and you will see the three guides to help you and your students



Updated 1/17/22

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