Registration Adjustments: Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing

Registration Adjustments: Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing

Registration Adjustments: Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing

Changing/Adjusting Your Registration 

Registration in a Rowan University course implies the student’s obligation to complete the course requirements. Non-attendance does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. Neither non-attendance nor non-payment guarantees a student will be automatically dropped from courses. The student is financially and academically responsible for the timely and appropriate completion of any registration adjustment procedures.

Students may need to make adjustments to their schedule after initial registration for any number of reasons. Options for registration adjustments are listed below. Deadline dates are determined by course length and part of term in which a course appears. Please click on each adjustment type to learn more. 


Fall 2021 Late Course Add/Drop Process 

***Please note: the Late Add/Drop Deadline for full-term courses has passed. Late Add/Drop is now only available for certain late-start courses. Refer to the Dates & Deadlines Chart for specific details.***

Late DROPS may be performed online with no permissions until the end of the Late Drop/Add Period for the part of term in which the course appears.

Late ADDS are at the discretion of the course's professor, and a request does not guarantee an approval. All completed and approved email requests must be received within appropriate “Semester Dates & Deadlines”. 

Students should follow these steps to request a Late Course Add:

  1. Students copy and paste the information (including these instructions) below into a new email.
  2. Students must complete the “Student & Course Information.”
  3. Students must send the email to the PROFESSOR of the course.
  4. The professor will review the request, and if they approve, will complete the “Professor Information” details and then send the email to
  5. The email must be received within posted deadlines and the Registrar Team will honor the date it is received.
  6. When the course add is processed both the student and the faculty member will receive a confirmation email.

By submitting this form, I understand:

  • that adding or dropping a course may impact my University bill and that I will be responsible for handling the payment arrangements for any and all associated costs/charges.
  • that this process may affect my Financial Aid.
  • that I must contact the appropriate office regarding consequences of this action if I am a student athlete, international student, or in University Housing. 

Student Name (Last, First):
Rowan ID#:
Start & end dates of course:
Title of Course: 
Course #:

Name (Last, First):
Indicate your approval to ADD the requested course:
If a course waiver is required, please indicate which waivers are approved (Capacity, Pre-Req, Field of Study, Repeat, etc.):