Registration - Registration Periods & General Information

Registration - Registration Periods & General Information

Registration - Registration Periods & General Information

About Part of Term

  • “Part of Term” is the 5th column in the Rowan Section Tally and it shows the start and end dates of the session in which the course is placed. These dates determine your registration-related deadlines for the course as well as the date student attendance verifications and grades are due from your instructor.

  • It is very important that you know your Part of Term for each of your classes so that you follow the proper registration-related deadlines.

Registration Open Dates

  • Registration opens for a term as outlined below and then remains open until the end of the Regular Drop/Add period for the Part of Term in which the course appears.
    • Fall: usually in March (opens according to student level and classification)** (See Fall 2016 Registration Schedule for Undergraduate Student Classifications on this page.)
    • Winter: usually in October (opens for all students at one time)
    • Spring: usually in October (opens according to student level and classification)** (Spring 2017 Registration Schedule for Undergraduate Student Classifications coming soon.)
    • Summer: usually in February (opens for all students at one time)

Late-start Courses

  • Most courses that fall within a term but begin after the start of the full term (“Late-start” courses) have registration open at the same time as the full term dates. Online adding and dropping for Late-start courses is usually possible during this time and up through the end of the Regular Drop/Add period for the full term. After that, registration usually remains open for a late-start course until the Regular Drop/Add period for the Part of Term in which the particular course appears; however, online adding and dropping is no longer possible.
  • To add or drop a "late-start" course, simply email including your name, Rowan ID, along with the CRN, title and term for the course - – stating that this is a “late-start” course and requesting registration/dropping/adding. As long as you are within appropriate deadlines,* the Office of the University Registrar will manually process the request on your behalf and send you a confirmation email, copying the Aid Office as well since late-start drops/add could affect your aid.
  • *Note about deadlines: As long as registration is officially open (according to Part of Term and drop/add policy for the late-start course in question), only the student signature is required for processing, both adding and dropping is still permitted, and tuition and fee cancellations (if applicable) are processed. After those dates, a fully-signed Late Drop/Add Form with all appropriate approvals/signatures is required for processing.

Online Courses

  • Online Registration: Please remember any online registration activity takes place in Self Service and is only possible between 7AM and 11PM each day and up until the end of the Regular Drop/Add period.
  • A Note about Online Courses: Online courses will be listed as “online” in the “campus” column in the Section Tally. Only 100% online courses are given that label, and if they are, they will be offered through the Canvas Learning Management System through Rowan Global and will require that you have completed the Rowan Online Immersion course as a pre-requisite or co-requisite. (You must have completed this course by Spring 2016 or later. See below for details.) Some traditional-format courses are not labeled “online” but may have a partial online component and in those cases, that portion would be offered through the Blackboard Learning Management System through the Office of Academic Technology.
  • Required Online Immersion Course: Please remember that the first time your register for any online course after Spring 2016, you must also register for the Rowan Online Immersion Course. Rowan Online Immersion (ONL 00100) is a one-time, zero-credit, zero-cost online-learning tutorial required of any student registered for an online or hybrid course. The course, which appears in CANVAS alongside your other online or hybrid course registrations, is approximately 1 hour long, and can be completed at your own pace (you are not required to be online at a specific date or time). Topics covered include: what to expect in an online course, technology overview, obtaining support, and related policies. You must successfully complete a final quiz in order to receive a grade of "Successful" (S) on your transcript for ONL 00100. Failure to complete the course by the end of your first semester will result in a grade of "Unsuccessful" (U) and may require you to re-enroll in ONL 00100 in the future. (Neither grade will affect your Rowan GPA.) Students register themselves for ONL 00100 through Self Service just like any other course. (When trying to register, under the course subject, look for "Rowan Online Immersion: instead of ONL. Despite the subject being ONL, Banner uses the full name for the subject.)

Note: Any student who has completed the Rowan Online Orientation prior to January 2016 must still register for the course, but may contact Rowan Online Support by calling 856-256-5164 or submitting a ticket at to opt-out and have your grade automatically changed to "Successful."

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