Combined Advanced Degree Programs (CADP)

Combined Advanced Degree Programs (CADP)


What is a CADP?

Combined Advanced Degree Programs (CADP) combine a Rowan University undergraduate Bachelor’s degree with a graduate-level degree. Students typically work on an accelerated track, and are also permitted to double-count up to 12 sh/credits toward both degrees, and pay the undergraduate rate for those 12 credits, saving students both time and money as they work toward their educational goals. *

What types of CADPs does Rowan offer?

Currently, more than 40 CADPs are offered in various disciplines. Please click here for a full list of currently available Combined Advanced Degree Programs.

CADP Admissions/Acceptance

Some CADPs admit freshmen or transfer students through the Common or Transfer Application. Others accept only current students that have completed some level of undergraduate coursework. Please refer to the CADP chart found here for more information about CADP admission points.

Once a student has been accepted into a CADP, a completed CADP Student Agreement & Confirmation Form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar to ensure that student receives appropriate coding and billing for their CADP

Undergraduate CADP Coursework

Students will meet with their appropriate advisor(s) and self-register for all undergraduate coursework as required. In their final undergraduate year, students can take up to 12 graduate-level credits while still registered as an undergraduate. They will be charged undergraduate tuition and fees for those GR credits.* Students will not be able to self-register for graduate-level coursework and must be manually registered by the Office of the University Registrar. CADP Advisors will request manual registration for CADP students.

Transitioning to the Graduate program/major

At the end of a student’s final undergraduate year, if a student is approved and permitted to enter the graduate portion of their program, a completed CADP Transfer & Transition Form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. Once received, the student’s record will be updated to the approved graduate major. This form will also trigger the transfer of graduate credits, taken while an undergraduate, to the graduate record/transcript. CADP policy states that a student must earn at least “B” grades in graduate-level courses in order for them to transfer/double count. Per Rowan’s official transfer policy, only the courses transfer. Therefore, the grades earned for the up to 12 credits taken as an undergraduate student in the CADP will not transfer and will not be calculated into the graduate cumulative GPA. At this point, students will be able to self-register for their graduate coursework.

Graduating from a CADP

Successful completion of the entire program (both undergraduate and graduate), along with Advisor approval at the degree audit stage, will result in the awarding of both the undergraduate & graduate degrees. However, per CADP policy, and given the overlap in credits, both degrees are awarded upon completion of the graduate program. (Any applicable certifications will also depend upon completion of the graduate program.) While students may apply to walk in the Spring Commencement Ceremony that corresponds with the completion of their undergraduate degree, they do not apply to graduate at that time, and official conferral of the degrees will not take place until the completion of both degrees, at which time the student may, if they choose, participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony once more and walk with their graduate program.

CADP Quick Overview

  1. Apply to CADP either through Common/Transfer Application, or directly with the academic department, depending on program.
  2. Once accepted into CADP, complete and submit a CADP Student Agreement and Confirmation Form to the Office of the University Registrar.
  3. Complete undergraduate program requirements, working with Advisor(s) to request manual registration for graduate-level work taken as an undergraduate student.
  4. Once all undergraduate requirements are completed, work with Advisor(s) to complete and submit a CADP Transition and Transfer Form to the Office of the University Registrar.
  5. Complete graduate program requirements.
  6. Apply for graduation from the CADP program.

Important Notes

  • All CADP student records will be maintained and updated within the Office of the University Registrar.
  • CADP forms are required for auditing purposes and to alter student records.
  • Student cannot enter a CADP via a “Change of Major” (form or email) request.
  • Students that have difficulty self-registering for courses – aside from the level restriction - will be directed to request a waiver from the course professor/department.
  • It is important to note that students in education CADPs will not be considered education majors until they are active in their graduate major – this may impact Financial Aid, grants etc.
  • If at any point, it is determined that the student cannot successfully continue in a CADP, the Program Coordinator/Advisor will inform the University Registrar and a traditional, alternate undergraduate program will be determined and updated on all student records. 

CADP Contacts

Office Name What Questions They Can Answer Contact Person Email Address Phone Number
Registrar CADP forms, student records, course registration, graduation Stacey-Lynn Mulligan, Assistant Registrar 856-256-4352
Bursar Student bills, payment plans, program fees & charges Ann Fulton, Accounting & Bursar Services 856-256-4152
Financial Aid Payment assistance, aid/loan options Diane Brown, Associate Director 856-256-4500 x53437

*Not every CADP leads to two degrees and not every CADP allows 12 credits to double-count toward both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Additionally, some CADPs follow different tuition models. Please refer to the academic department(s) which houses your particular CADP to discuss program requirements and benefits. 


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